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How to take stunning selfies with the Apple Watch Camera Remote app


The Camera Remote app with raise your selfie game
The Camera Remote app will take your selfies to a whole new level.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Everyone knows Apple Watch is an excellent health and fitness companion. But did you know it’s also handy for taking selfies? That’s thanks to Apple Watch’s best kept secret: the Camera Remote app.

This indispensable watch app will raise your selfie game, enabling you to take more flattering shots, with better compositions, more interesting poses and much, much more.

I use it all the time to take photos for Cult of Mac, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way. So here’s my definitive guide to taking better selfies with Apple Watch.

Popular Halide camera app finally adds batch photo actions


The Halide MK II camera app for iPhone and iPad adds batch photo actions, improved
The Halide MK II camera app for iPhone and iPad adds batch photo actions, improved "Image Rescue" and more.
Photo: Lux Optics

On the heels of a big Obscura 3 camera app refresh, another popular and powerful photo app sees major changes this week. This time, it’s the Halide MK II app for iPhone and iPad, from Lux Optics, which also makes the Spectre app for creating long exposures.

The Halide app’s important updates include the addition of batch actions — so you can finally work with multiple photos at the same time — and an improved “Image Rescue” function.

iOS 13.2 finally brings frame rate, resolution settings to Camera app


iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
iOS 13.2 will make switching frame rates and resolution for your video shooting much easier.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone 11 line hasn’t even been out a month, but Apple continues to improve its camera through iOS updates.

An iOS developer exploring iOS 13.2 beta 2 said the Camera app will allow video shooters to adjust frame rates and resolution without going into the Settings app.

iOS 13 finally lets you (kinda) replace Apple’s default apps


Launch any camera app from the lock screen with this incredibly useful iOS 13 trick.
Launch any camera app from the lock screen with this incredibly useful trick.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In iPadOS and iOS 13, you can kinda replace the stock Apple apps on your iPhone or iPad. For instance, anytime you tap the Mail icon, Spark could launch instead. Or, and this is probably the most useful, when you tap the lock-screen shortcut for the Camera app, you could launch Halide instead.

This isn’t proper app replacement, but it is a pretty wild trick for iOS devices. We use a new feature in Shortcuts to make the magic happen. And for the Camera app, it works great.

Use this quick tweak to fix the iPhone XS’ flat photos


Punchy pomegranate, no auto-enhance required.
Punchy pomegranate, no auto-enhance required.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPhone XS’ camera is amazing, but put an unedited shot next to an unedited photo from the older iPhone X, or one of Google’s Pixel phones, and it looks a little flat. To “fix” this, you can tap the auto-enhancing Magic Wand tool on the edit screen, but this takes things too far in the opposite direction, making faces as orange as Florida bodybuilders.

I actually prefer the less-gaudy images from the XS, but sometimes they need a little extra pop. And the good news is, you don’t have to spend lots of time editing. There’s one slider built into the Photos app that will fix things up right away.

PornHub’s new AR app makes your nude pics safe for work


Pornhub image
TrickPics takes the 'N' out of 'NSFW' pics.
Photo: PornHub

Sending a saucy pic to a significant will no longer put your naughty bits in danger of being exposed to the entire internet, thanks to a new app from PornHub.

The new app called TrickPics taps into the power of augmented reality to cover up your private parts. It’s basically like Snapchat lenses, only instead of turning your face into a cute puppy, it turns package into a Christmas gift box.

Now Turn Your Humble iPhone Camera Into A PowerCam [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by Wondershare Software, creator of PowerCam.

There are so many times when I wanted to zoom my iPhone camera on some distant object, play with the focus, take full panoramic shots, and most of all, snap myself from a greater distance than my arm’s length! But I couldn’t. The iPhone camera, despite all the tech loaded into the rest of the device, is little more advanced than a pinhole camera made from an Oxo box. But now, PowerCam is a new app that allows you to turn your humble iPhone camera into a much more versatile device….

Facebook’s New Camera App Is Pretty Much A Bullet In The Head For Instagram



Coming on the heels of Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition, but otherwise pretty much out of nowhere, the social networking giant just released a brand new Camera app called Facebook Camera… and it’s so much like Instagram that you have to wonder if Facebook bought the up-and-coming app just so it could put a bullet through its head before it became a real threat.

iOS 5’s New Camera App Will Delight You. Here’s Our In-Depth Preview of the New Features



Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone with a beefed up camera on Monday, but they did inform us that they are making some big improvements to their camera app. With the ability to take pictures from the lockscreen, volume shutter buttons, basic photo editing and much more, Apple’s done a great job of making sure the iPhone will continue to be one of the most popular cameras on the web. Here is our run down of the new features in iOS 5’s camera app.