CloudPic Beams DSLR Photos To Your iPhone Via Bluetooth 4


CloudPic is a great new Kickstarter project which connects your DSLR to your iPhone using Bluetooth 4. By plugging a dongle into the side of the camera, a fast connection is formed and you can beam photos to the iPhone, and from there have them upload automatically to the cloud service of your choice.

Brad Hudes’s invention is notable as it uses Bluetooth 4, which he says gives transfer speeds of 27mbps whilst sipping power. This last is important as it means you can keep shooting all day long.

The dongle slots into the miniUSB-A connector usually used to hook a camera up to a computer, and sends photos to the app. This app can either store photos locally, or send them up to Dropbox or iCloud, or both. Careful if you’re out and about though, as this could burn through your iPhone data plan pretty fast.

If it works as promised, I imagine this to be a much better solution than the Eye-Fi, which I have never managed to get working right.

Brad is asking $35 as the minimum pledge to get a CloudPic and the app, and he’s already a quarter of the way to his goal.

But the very best part of this whole thing is the promo video, which might just be the worst Kickstarter pitch video ever seen. The wobbly camera, ridiculously out-of-focus close-up demos, the blown-out highlights and the general poor picture quality are all the more amazing as this is a photography gadget. Perhaps Brad had to use his crappy camera to shoot the video as the good one was always in shot?

One thing I do know. If anyone ever Sweded a Kickstarter video, it would look like this.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Brad!