This Neat Hack Will Show Your Twitter Timeline Inside iMessages


Twitter Timeline integrated with iMessages


The problem with using OS X Messages, Twitter, Facebook, and other communication clients is that they operate in separate locations. I got like five different ones open on my desktop right now and it’s a confusing mess of switching windows and tabs and errant messages.

To make life easier one clever hacker figured out how to add a Twitter Timeline to OS X’s Messages app so that you can read your entire Twitter stream, in realtime, from the Messages app. It’s awesome, and I want it now!

Steve Troughton-Smith’s Messages hack for Twitter is 10.8 specific so he’s holding off on releasing it until OS X Mountain Lion is  available to the public.

Supposedly the hack is pretty simple, though it has a couple bugs, but it’s utilizing a new API that is Apple approved, so the possibilities are pretty exciting. There’s no reason this shouldn’t see release when Mountain Lion dropped.

Until then we can only dream of being as cool as Steve and enjoying a unified communication system.

Source: Twitter