Instapaper Gets Big Update With iBooks-Style Page-Turn Animation



Instapaper, now with fancy page-turn animations

Instapaper 4.2 has just hit the App Store, and it’s a pretty big update. The headline feature is a new iBooks-style page-turn animation, but there is a lot more in there besides.

I love Instapaper, and use it daily, but I have never been a fan of its weird, fade-y page-turn animations. Things got even odder with the iPad when Instapaper developer Marco Arment found out that the new, huge retina pages moved slower than before.

Now, you can choose a very slick, iBooks-style animation, complete with translucent paper (and fast tap-to-turn), or a new Fast Pagination mode, which includes a subtle side-shifting animation with a fade, and is way snappier than before.

Other neat additions are the auto full-screen mode, which switches off window chrome after a few seconds, a draggable “dot-bar” at the bottom of the screen instead of a scrollbar in pagination mode and a new two-finger swipe for closing articles.

Also, the Twilight Sepia color scheme can be set permanently, not just at sundown. This, combined with the recently-added new fonts and the iPad’s amazing Retina Display, make Instapaper one of the best reading experiences anywhere (And I’m including paper in that “anywhere”).

As ever, the update is free to existing users. I actually feel a little guilty about this as I have owned the both the iPhone and iPad versions since launch, and I’d love to pay some more for all these excellent updates.

Source: iTunes
Via: Instapaper Blog

  • iHKDesign

    Proofread! “Instagram developer” It is instapaper

  • SomeSocialStuff


    Marco has a “subscription” you can sign up for.  I voluntary donation of $1 a month – debited via PayPal every 3 months or 12 months.  It’s a very nice way to support one of the best, most useful application on the iPad / iPhone.
  • Eng Hong

    Instagram? i thought you were talking about Instapaper dude. Please check before posting.