Slide To Unlock — Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Slide to Unlock Mac

You’ve been sliding to unlock your iPhone and your iPad since day one. Why not do the same on your Mac? Well, today’s tip will show you how, with a simple app download, you can be sliding and gesturing to unlock your Mac in no time at all.

Lock Screen 2, by iDevelop Co. Ltd, is a Mac app that lets you lock your Mac with a keystroke, and then unlock it with a swipe or gesture known only to you. Sneaky!

Download the app from the Mac App store for $1.99 now (regularly priced at $4.99), and let it load up into your Launchpad. Clicking on the icon to launch Lock Screen 2 will put the app into your menu bar, which can then be accessed by clicking on the little lock icon there.

By default, Command-L will lock your Mac’s screen, bringing up the Slide to Unlock message that can be set in the preferences. I set mine to say, “Slide Trackpad to Unlock.” The picture can also be customized using the current desktop picture, an image file from your Mac, or the default image that comes with the App.

For added security, you can also set up what the developers call a “Passpattern” on the keyboard, which allows you to swipe across specific keys in a row as a password gesture of sorts. You can also enable or disable Trackpad unlocking, which can be further secured by adding specific keyboard modifiers like the Control, Option, and/or Command keys along with a one, two, three, or four finger swipe to unlock.

[Via: Mac Life]

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  • joewaylo

    I used this for a short while, but it annoyed me as it wasn’t fully native to the Mac. You have to open this application after your Mac booted up and it’s more like a screensaver when it’s activated.

    I’d prefer OS Mountain Lion or later to include a touch screen to slide to unlock like the concept video a few weeks ago.

  • Dimitri Theofilopoulos

    wow, regularly priced ar 5 dollars… now on sale for 2 dollars, for a worthless POS app that lets you slide to unlock your mac OS….

  • markrlangston

    Kind of weird. You can use either a swipe of the keyboard or the trackpad, which is okay (especially if you’re using this on an iMac without a trackpad) but if you have a MacBook sliding to unlock works whether you’ve applied the security pattern or not.

    Fun to use but nothing more than a glorified screensaver to show off to friends.
    Like “joewaylo” says, it would be nice if Apple introduced this in Mountain Lion. Seems like a logical next step to integrating iOS and OS X. 
  • xMoonDevilx

    I have a version that is free and easy-to-use… basically apply sleep or screen saver to a corner with Exposé, and requires simply moving finger on trackpad, movement of mouse, or hit a key to awaken. If security is desired…simply require password to unlock/awaken.

  • Pavel Penkov

    Kinda stupid to pay five bucks for something which could be achieved with a couple clicks in Automator. Creating a shortcut for locking is the first thing I do on a new Mac.