World’s Heaviest iPhone Case Can Stop A Bullet From a Desert Eagle


This iPhone case weighs 4.6 pounds and will stop a 50-caliber bullet
This iPhone case weighs 4.6 pounds and will stop a 50-caliber bullet

This is the world’s biggest and heaviest iPhone case. How big and heavy? Well, it’s chunky enough to stop any door in your home from closing, and heavy enough (2.1 kilos) to cause serious damage if hurled into an enemy’s face. In fact, the seller – Marudai – warns that “Serious injury and will certainly drop on top of the foot”. Ouch.

The case is in fact bulletproof, and designed to stop a 50 caliber (12.7mm) bullet. This is the kind of bullet you’ll find in a Desert Eagle.

The one-inch steel plate on the rear bolts onto an aluminum front panel, and comes with a free dummy cartridge. There is still a camera hole, protected with acrylic (Perspex) and obscuring the view of the camera so that it appears to be peering through a tunnel (which it is).

I have absolutely no idea who would have use for this. If you’re wearing body armor, then tuck it behind that, right? Or you could wear it over you heart to stop a bullet (and severely misshape your suit jacket in the meantime). Me? I’ll stick to the old fashioned, and far more practical protection of a stainless steel whisky flask. If I get shot in the heart, it will save me. If I get hit anywhere else, I have a good slug of liquor to dull the pain.

[Thanks, Fish!]

  • Flyphoenix

    Yeah stop a bullet and break my foot sounds like the case I want!

  • sonofsci

    Finally an iPhone case that will survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

  • Jairo Gomez

    …but will it blend?