Michelangelo Is Working In Apple’s Patent Filing Department [Humor]


Hey, drawing hands is hard!
Hey, drawing hands is hard!

As spotted by the beautiful souls over at Reddit, someone in Apple’s patent filing department seems to have taken a shortcut in illustrating an application for way to make a touchscreen iMac useable by tracing the hands of of the divine Renaissance artist, painter and sculptor, Michelangelo.

Hey, you know what they say. Good artists borrow, great artists steal. And trust me, you don’t Apple’s patent clerks drawing their own hands if you value your sanity.

  • Daniel Fernandes

    What’s the point? This is just a HAND, for god’s sake.

  • mr_bee

    Hands are one of the hardest things to draw.

    It’s not a copy of Michelangelo’s hands though, the figure is Adam. Unless you meant to say that they copied the hands *painted* by the divine …. etc.