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Expand your workstation with a $125 discount on this 4K touchscreen monitor.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Ready to maximize your setup’s screen real estate — and give it a touchscreen boost? Right now, you can add an additional HD monitor at a low price.

You don’t need to wait until Amazon Prime Day to take advantage of great savings on the Desklab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor, currently available for only $249.97 (regularly $375) with no coupon necessary. Get early access to special pricing during our Deal Days event, which lasts through July 14. You’ll have to act fast, though, as supply is limited for this innovative monitor!

Clever Apple concept brings giant touchscreen keyboard to the iMac


The iMac finally gets a touchscreen.
The iMac finally gets a touchscreen.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Apple’s iMac lineup hasn’t seen any major design changes in years, but a clever new concept imagines some simple ways that Apple could bring some big innovations to its all-in-one PC. And we’re totally in love.

The Mac Touch concept created by Antonio De Rosa would transform the iMac into a powerful creation PC by adding a revolving and adjustable touchscreen. Video and photo editing, drawing, or even just surfing the internet would feel more magical on this iMac. It even brings back the hockey puck mouse with a new twist.

Take a closer look:

Tim Cook won’t compromise Mac and iPad by combining them


Clamshell iPad
This concept for a combined Mac and iPad will stay just that: a concept.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Tim Cook generally stays quiet about Apple’s plans, but there’s one thing he’s open about: his company’s laptops and tablets aren’t going to merge together.

It’s a question that comes up every couple of years. Which is understandable, given the recent rumors that macOS is migrating to the same type of processors as iOS, allegedly to enable apps to run on both Mac and iPad.

iOS 11.3 breaks iPhone 8 touchscreens replaced by third parties


iPhone SE 2 could cost $399 just like the first-gen iPhone SE
Don't install iOS 11.3 if your iPhone 8 touchscreen was replaced by anyone other than Apple. Bad things will happen.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you have an iPhone 8 touchscreen that wasn’t repaired by Apple, you must not install iOS 11.3. Your touchscreen could stop working.

This problem hasn’t been acknowledged by Apple, but independent phone repair companies are reporting that many iPhone 8 touchscreens they replaced stopped working after the latest iOS version is installed.

Developers create a touchscreen MacBook for just $1


Touchscreen MacBook prototype
Will we ever have a MacBook with touchscreen interface?
Photo: Amish Athatye

There’s good news for everyone who wants a MacBook with a touchscreen. A group of developers came up with a way that cost them just $1 in hardware.

The process involves the laptop’s webcam, a mirror, and some programming. It’s just a proof of concept, but it shows potential.

Amazon Echo Show brings video to smart-speaker party


Could this be Amazon's new Echo speaker?
Photo: AFTVnews

Update: Amazon unveiled its new touchscreen Echo Show device Tuesday. In addition to smart-speaker functionality, the Amazon Echo Show brings video calls, video flash briefings, YouTube, karaoke-style music lyrics, security camera integration and more. Available for preorder now, the device will ship June 28 for $229.99.

Amazon could debut its new touchscreen Echo smart speaker as early as today, claims a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The latest in a line of popular Amazon Echo voice-activated speakers, the new device is likely to add a 7-inch display and a built-in camera. It will function like the existing Echo, but with the addition of touchscreen-based features.

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Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone while wearing gloves


I guess the alternative use-case would be committing crimes while still playing Angry Birds.
Photo: Mujjo

What with it being winter and all, it would be great if Apple embraced the concept of letting people use iPhones while wearing regular gloves — something already offered by manufacturers such as Samsung.

Well, according to a patent application published today, we may not be waiting too much longer because Apple has invented something called “Glove Touch Detection.” The patent would allow Apple touchscreen to work in situations where it is separated from a finger by a barrier, such as a glove.

This cool touchscreen tech can tell the angle your finger is pointing


FingerAngle could change the way we interact with touchscreens.
FingerAngle could change the way we interact with touchscreens.
Photo: Qeexo

Your iPhone can now distinguish between a light tap and a hard press thanks to 3D Touch, but the geniuses at a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff called Qeexo have found a way to one-up the iPhone 6s display with some new software that can determine the exact angle of your finger as you tap.

Qeexo’s researchers created ‘FingerAngle’ by using a new algorithm that estimates the direction your finger is pointing along with the angle as it makes contact. FingerAngle also keeps track of the rotation of your finger while it’s making contact.

The new tech could especially useful on small smartwatch touchscreens where pinching and pulling on the display isn’t really practical. Best of all, it doesn’t require any extra hardware and could implemented on Android and iOS with a software update.

Check out the full demo:

Your iPhone is an awesome chemistry kit


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.00.32 AM

What’s your iPhone made of? Just looking at it, you might dismiss it as just a slab of metal and glass, with a dose of magic inside. But our iPhones are actually portable chemistry labs, and there are an incredible number of complex chemical functions happening underneath the glass and metal shell that keep your iPhone ringing.

The iSlider: A Portable, Versatile, And Stylish iPad Stand [Deals]



At Macworld/iWorld last year, I had the opportunity to get a look at The iSlider by Rain Design. After using it for a bit, the folks at Rain Design decided to let me have one to use for review purposes. And after only a few days of use, The iSlider became my go-to iPad stand.

Cult of Mac has reviewed The iSlider before, and while I’ve used several stands for my iPad in the past (among them are the ZAGGmate and the Kribbit) The iSlider is by far the most versatile and best-designed stand I’ve ever used. It’s made me more efficient and effective when using my iPad, which is exactly the kind of thing I like in my tools. And right now Cult of Mac Deals is offering The iSlider for just $39.99.