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AirClip: Hold Your iPhone With Two Fingers


Two Fingers, One Phone
Two Fingers, One Phone

You know what needs the AirClip? The iPad needs the AirClip. As it is, the finger-friendly grip is an accessory for the iPhone 4/S, and it actually looks pretty great. The AirClip is a clip-on grip that lets you shoot photos and videos one-handed.

The design is dead simple. The AirClip consists of a central, c-shaped strip which slides onto the iPhone, and at the ends are two plastic rings through which you can poke your fingers. Thus set up, with your pinky and index fingers in the hoops, you can hold the phone dead steady with one hand while manipulating focus and other settings with your free hand.

Bonus: switching from portrait to landscape and back again is as simple as throwing some gang signs with your hands.

If I had an iPhone, I’d be all over this. And if somebody was to come up with something similar for the heavy new iPad, I’d be all over that too. I’ve said it before, and will doubtless whine on about it in the future, but the new iPad is a fantastic integrated camera and editing platform, marred only by the fact that it is so hard to use for actually snapping photos and video.

The AirClip is $20, and available now.