Dropcam HD, The iOS-Friendly Wi-Fi Security Camera


Take care of your creeping paranoia with the Dropcam
Take care of your creeping paranoia with the Dropcam

Got a little corner of your property that you’d like to keep a closer eye on? Or are you just concerned that the babysitter is not shaking your kids hard enough when they start acting up? Then what you need is the Dropcam HD, a Wi-Fi video camera designed for remote monitoring.

Dropcam works by streaming video to Dropcam’s servers, and you can tune in any time from a browser or from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can also set it up to alert you (via push notification) if motion is detected, and a mic and speaker let you talk to anyone at the other end.

This alone is pretty cool, but if you pair it with a monthly plan (starting at $10) then you can keep the previous seven days of video in the cloud for your viewing pleasure (or 30 days with the $30 pro account). And to help you trawl through the DVR footage, there are event markers on the video timeline to indicate movement alerts.

The camera — currently on back order until the end of May — costs $150, and the DVR plans are optional.

[Via Uncrate]