TiltShift Generator Now Shoots Photos With iPad 3’s Camera


The interface, and the result
The interface, and the result

TiltShift Generator is one of the old school of iPad photo-editing apps, and has just been updated to play nice with the iPad 3’s Retina Display. But that’s not all. You can now shoot images directly into the app, which has the effect of making this one of the first iPad-native, Retina-ready photo shooting apps around. And while the preview of the image is a little weird, it takes some pretty great shots.

While that Retina support is great news, especially in a photo app, the preview of the image looks oddly noisy, or even broken up. It does react fast to your adjustments, though, which include not just the familiar tilt-shift blur (which gives a cool miniaturized effect to your pictures) but brightness, saturation, contrast and vignetting.

All of these effects are adjusted with sliders, and the position and size of the blur can be adjusted directly by pinching.

But the best part is that now you can shoot photos from the app itself. You still need to hit the “open” icon (a little folder) and then pick “camera” from the pop-up, but still: It makes things a lot more convenient now that the iPad has a camera worth using.

I wonder how long it will be until we start to see proper native camera apps for the iPad. Camera+ works great pixel-doubled, but the shutter button is in the wrong place, and the editing UI is portrait only. C’mon developers. We have our money waiting!