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A Beautiful Collection Of Retina Wallpapers For Your New iPad [Gallery]


John Carey makes some fantastic wallpapers for your Apple gadgets.

We’ve shown you a couple collections of Retina-ready wallpapers for your new iPad already, but you haven’t seen some of the best photos available until you check out John Carey’s work. Many of you may already be fans of Carey’s blog/wallpaper site fiftyfootshadows.net. He’s been posting 100% original wallpapers there for desktops, iPhones, iPads, etc. for quite awhile.

Carey recently updated some of his best wallpapers for the iPad’s glorious Retina display. You won’t be disappointed with what he has to offer.

I would honestly love to be able to include every wallpaper I have ever released and simply update the files on the backend but it would be far to great in scope for me to handle on my own. For whatever reason I don’t have an intern handy to sit at a desk and crop images for me all day. That said, I have done my best to get a nice healthy group of many favorites from the past all in one place as a way to catch up to the newest tech. From here forward expect every new wallpaper post to include the larger retina sized iPad images as well as the other usuals.

Here are some thumbnails from Carey’s Retina iPad collection:

We’ve been asked to not link to each photo directly, so please visit fiftyfootshadows to download the wallpapers you like. Remember that there’s a current issue in the iOS version of Safari where Retina-sized images don’t download at their full resolution. If wallpapers aren’t saving to your iPad’s Camera Roll at full resolution, download them on your Mac and send them to your iPad. Enjoy!