Download These 6 Gorgeously Geometric Retina Wallpapers For Your New iPad [Gallery]



We absolutely adore beautiful wallpapers here at Cult of Mac, and we’re always on the hunt to find beautiful images to share. We already pointed you towards a plethora of wallpapers that have been optimized for the iPad’s Retina display, and we’ve found another collection to check out.

Graphic design artist Simon C Page decided to create Retina iPad wallpapers from 24″ prints of his CUBEN 12 series. Each wallpaper is 2048×2048 pixels at 264 dpi. There’s 6 geometric designs in a variety of colors, and they all look awesome on the new iPad.

[Download link]

[Download link]

[Download link]

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[Download link]

You can see more of Page’s work on his portfolio website.

  • Jack Spencer

    Is it possible for someone to optimize these for iPhone? 

  • Douglas Stewart

    I just cropped them to 960×640 around the part of the pic I liked best.  

    It works, but on a small screen they are very busy.  

    I lowered the saturation and added some soft focus, it worked pretty well.  

  • tylorweaver

    Meh… WAY too busy of a wallpaper, to still have a semi-legible appearance to the App names/text… Not to mention, they all look the same, just different hues/color groups. C’mon guys, you can do better than that!!?! :(