iPhoto For iOS Has Already Been Downloaded Over 1 Million Times


iPhoto lets you edit your pics with intuitive gestures on the iPhone and iPad.

Apple announced iPhoto for iOS at its March 7th iPad event, and the app has already been downloaded by over 1 million unique customers in less than two weeks. Since the app is priced at a cool $5, that means Apple has made at least $5 million since launch day. Not too shabby.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop just confirmed the news:

Apple told me today that its newest iOS app, iPhoto, hit 1 million users in less than 10 days after its release. It’s important to note that figure is users, not downloads. It’s quite possible that one user downloaded the app multiple times, but Apple isn’t counting those, only the unique users.

iPhoto for iOS received mixed reviews after its launch. Our own Charlie Sorrel called it “fantastic,” but admitted that it had its flaws. Apple will hopefully make the app more stable with future updates.

  • Jonathan Ober

    And Apple gets to take all the money for that app…wowzers.

  • metalmandave83

    I downloaded this earlier today. It has potential but seems to lack a lot of features. I was rather disappointed. I’ll play with it some more, maybe my opinion will change.

  • Hector Reyes

    I think its a major bust… The damn updating library every time you move within the app is a joke and i wish I could return it. Of course, apple doesn’t provide that option do they?

  • Eric

    Thanks for the input guys.  Like the iOS, I’ll wait till a better version of the iPhoto app is released.

  • hrav

    the interface looks pretty ugly.