Apple Sold More New iPads In One Weekend Than 25% Of All Android Tablets Ever


There is no "tablet" market, only an iPad market.

Do you know anyone that owns an Android tablet? I sure as heck don’t, but they have to exist out there in the wild just like the rare and fabled Sumatran white rhinoceros, which native legend has supposedly living deep in the Indian rain forests. Which is rarer? But I digress. My point is that right now, Apple’s iPad is pretty much the only tablet you’ll see other people using because Apple is beating the pulp out of Android tablets with their massive sales numbers, and Apple maintains the momentum from the launch of the new iPad nothing will stop them.

Case in point: during the weekend launch of the new iPad Apple sold over 3 million iPads. How many Android tablets have been activated in the entire history of tablets? 12 million. Meaning Apple sold more new iPads in just one weekend than a quarter of all the Android tablets in the world, ever. That’s absolutely astonishing, and the parity in the total number of iPads vs Android tablets is only going to grow wider this year.

The iPad is definitely the new iPod in terms of how it is capturing a dominatant share of its market with competitors baffled on how to catch up. The Kindle Fire and Nook have been the only two tablets worthy of mention. Do you think Android even has a chance to catch up, or is Apple’s head start too great to overcome? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.


[Michael Camilleri via Horace Dediu]

  • Killer_Kadoogan

    But it’s only a minor update! Apple are doomed. Doooommmed!

  • crateish

    Number of iPads I’ve seen in the wild: Hundreds and Hundreds.
    Kindles (Monochrome) A few dozen.
    Tablets: Maybe seven.
    Exactly where are these tablets?

  • Buster

    i asked the same question when that 12 million number was put out there by google. i’ve seen a few HP TouchPads but those aren’t android

  • Likesbacon

    Every other study is “android closes the gap on iPad” or “iPad outsells android”
    Who makes up these numbers. I’m sure iPad is winning though.

  • Killer_Kadoogan

    Here in the UK I honestly can’t recall seeing anyone using a tablet that wasn’t an iPad. That would be ignoring anyone playing with one in a shop that sells non-iPad tablets, or one being shown/tested on TV.

  • healeydave

    I’m glad Android tablets aren’t making any in-roads, Apple didn’t invent the tablet, but they pioneered the current table form as we know it so they deserve the success. It’s bad enough Android copied the iPhones touch interface and is benefiting from that segment dishonourably!

  • Kiril Kostov

    Yeah its so bad how every car factory in the world copied the first car invented by Karl Benz 1885 and they start producing cars and since then in the world are few hundred brands of cars… how can ppl be so stupid with these comments!…

  • tornacious

    Don’t mess with those Sumatran White Rhinos! They know where to ram that horn, trust me.

  • tornacious

    There were probably more Win8 tablets given away at the Build conference in September 2011 than all Android tablets in use today. Seriously, I have seen more of those out and about and on the train than even Kindle Fires. Are there that many Windows programmers in the world?

  • sir1jaguar

    Dear istupids, imorons, isheeps, iturds & izombies,

    Thank you so much for your dedication to our cult…

    Even a very simple piece of gadget with floating square icons that looks like made by kindergarten and cannot do a true multitasking like the competition can beat them easily, how much more in the future that our ipod touch, iphone and ipad will be made by elementary!!!

    Keep on supporting our fruit cult – APPLE…

    Steve Jobs

  • iKing_5

    Written by a butthurt fandroid who’s pissed off because his phony iPads are largely ignored by the general public…

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Although we all love macs/apples here, you can not turn a blind eye to android, its the new kid on the block and it already has a big market share as far as platforms for smart phones are concerned.

     Regards Caroline,