Amazing Guitar Pedal Board Puts Your iPad On Stage




iPad-owning guitarists are going to love the Digitech iPB-10 Programable Pedalboard. It’s a stompbox with ten stud switches and a wah pedal on the side, all of which work with your iPad to give a range of music effects that you’d normally need a whole case of pedals to create.

If you’re scared about keeping your iPad down at floor level on stage in a dirty dive bar, ready to be hit by the first beer bottle an audience member flings at you, then you’re not rock’n’roll enough to use this $500 device.

But if you are interested, you’ll find that the $2 companion app contains 87 pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets inside its tough little case. It also has various connectors at the back for your guitar, an effects loop, line and XLR outputs, headphone and foot switch jacks as well as USB audio.

But the coolest function has to be the pedal on the side which lets you rock out with wah. You get Digitech’s own version, along with a Vox Clyde McCoy and the super-classic Dunlop Cry Baby.

But the best part? Even if your band’s van gets stolen after a gig, complete with all your gear (which is your own fault for not sleeping in the van), then you’ll at least have all your setting backed up to the cloud. Try that with a box of Boss pedals.

[Via the Next Web]

  • Greg

    This really doesn’t make a lot of sense. For less money, you can buy a similar device (also from Digitech) that has all the same functionality – that doesn’t require an iPad. I really don’t get this at all. I’m sure it’s a fine product. I just don’t know why I’d pay a premium to use my iPad as the brain. I kind of like internal brains. 

  • tornacious

    Rock out with your dock out! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Now if you had an effects switcher that triggered on gestures, like using Kinnect, then you’d have something bitchen!

  • mausich77

    I have one of these. The app was actually free. I don’t know if that has changed. Also – once you have used the iPad interface to program all your favorite settings – you can take the iPad out for a performance if you don’t want to stomp on your iPad. All the settings remain in the unit. You just need to navigate with the stomp switches. The sounds are very good on this thing. I am just a bit bummed out because the cord that connect the iPad to the unit went bad after using it just three times and I had to send it back to digitech to get it repaired on my dime.