This Steve Jobs-Inspired iCEO Doll Is “Insanely Great”


iCEO Doll
The iCEO Doll From Throwboy

The mock turtleneck; the round glasses; the smirk — there’s a good reason this new “iCEO” doll from Throwboy looks familiar to you. If not, the fantastic pictures they’re using to market this little guy will surely give it away. Or, I guess my title already did that.

At about 15 inches tall, dressed in real denim jeans, running shoes, and removable round spectacles, this iCEO doll will be the closest you’ll ever get to having Steve Jobs in your home.

Throwboy, long the purveyor of geeky throw pillows, is creating just 1200 of these fine limited edition dolls. They’re available for preorder now for $60, and Throwboy says they’ll start shipping around August. And to make you feel better about spending sixty bucks plus shipping on a doll, Throwboy is donating 10% of the proceeds from iCEO sales to the American Cancer Society.

And yes, international friends, Throwboy ships worldwide.

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  • facebook-100000670318505

    Very cool buy it now before the ilawyer kills it 

  • Robert X

    I agree with Nick. Get it now there might not be a later.

  • joewaylo

    Limited quantity available. Purchase quickly before we get sued.

  • peteinoz

    Reminds me of this,

    Lawyers will kill this.

  • GrimWit

    August!  Good luck getting one.  They will be stopped before they can ship these.  The only thing that might save it is the 10% going to the American Cancer Society.

  • Jeme Brelin

    As a public figure, I’m pretty sure nobody would have grounds for a suit. I mean, I wouldn’t put it past Jobs himself to sue (litigious bastard that he was), but it would ultimately just be for the purpose of harassment.

  • LuisDanielCarbia

    This is much more cool than the iJobs action figure banned in January. That was too realistic and creepy. 

  • CharliK

    California has a number of laws about the use of personal images even of the deceased. So yes there could be grounds for a suit