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Japanese Toy Maker Unveils Remarkably Detailed Steve Jobs Figure, But It Won’t Stick Around



Japanese toy manufacturer Legend Toys has unveiled a remarkably detailed Steve Jobs figure to commemorate the first anniversary of his death. Sculpted by Takao Kato, it’s called the ‘Steve mini’, and it comes bundled with a number of props, such as a chair and a tiny iPad. It’ll begin shipping at the end of December — but there’s a good chance Apple will stop it soon.

This New Steve Jobs Action Figure Looks Freakishly Realistic



Every time a company makes a Steve Jobs doll action figure Apple rains down a savage legal attack on their heads and gets the company to stop production immediately. So if you’re really dying for a Steve Jobs action figure, you better hurry and buy this one, because not only is it a Steve Jobs action figure, it’s a freakishly crazy realistic Steve Jobs action figure.

Legendary Toys went made sure everything about this Steve Jobs miniature doll look great. Its skin has great texture. The jeans are perfect. Hell they even tried to sculpt its derrière to be just like Steve’s – which, I guess is important too, right? The only thing they messed up were the hands, but not everyone can achieve perfection.

Check out the pictures below to see the doll close up:

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Geek Trend: Tempting Fate Creating Steve Jobs Collectibles [Gallery]



In the last few years a kind of cat and mouse game has evolved between Apple Legal and some of the more daring (and creative) members of the Cult of Apple: tempting fate by selling Steve Jobs collectibles, and risking the wrath of Apple. How long before your Cease & Desist letter arrives?

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