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Hack Will Enable Camera Connection Kit Use With iPhone [Jailbreak]




The website and accompanying YouTube channel might come off like a desperate hobo panhandling for cash, but the meat of the iConnectionKit team’s project looks very interesting. They’re working to enable the iPad camera connection kit on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The camera connection kit turned out to be something of a wonder-accessory for the iPad. It will of course let you connect a camera and slurp in its photos and videos, but it can also be used to convert the iPad’s 30-pin connector into a USB port, allowing you to hook up keyboards, microphones and other accessories.

But it doesn’t play nice with the iPhone. The iConnectionKit team is working to change this. They don’t say yet how they will do it, but it will almost certainly require a jailbreak. I’m not the jailbreaking sort — I don’t think it’s wise to run code from persons unknown on a device that holds so much personal information — but if you are already jailbroke, and you have a camera connection kit knocking around, it might be worth a try.

Either way, you’ll have to wait. A private beta is promised on April 2nd (the timing of which makes me a little suspicious), and when it eventually launches one of our intrepid jailbreakers here at Cult of Mac will take a look.

[Thanks, Alex!]