Mountain Lion Automatically Sets Up Mail, Calendars And Messages When You Log Into Webmail



This is neat: When you log into a webmail account using Safari in OS X Mountain Lion, Safari will offer to save the login info. So far, so familiar. The new trick is that it will also offer to set up your Mac apps with the same login. Thus, you sign in to Gmail and Safari will ask if you want to use your Gmail account with Mail, Messages and Calendar.

This is likely a side effect of having all your internet accounts managed in one place, inside System Preferences, just like iOS.

This is the Apple I like: the Apple which keeps polishing and tweaking and making things easier and better for users. You or I will probably just head straight to System Preferences and input our mail, Twitter and Vimeo IDs right there. But your mom, or just about any non-geek, will never even know System Preferences exists.

The upshot is that everybody will get to use things like the new sharing sheet, and Apple’s nice polished apps, without ever having to do a thing. Like I said: neat.

[Via Apple Insider]

  • mynameismatias

    thats wrong. Safari already do that on Lion.

  • FriarNurgle

    Nice find. 

  • KenFromEmpowerMac

    Already works in Lion

  • Caleb Habos

    kony 2012

  • facebook-1033324585

    I can confirm this feature is already built into Lion.

  • Shane Bryson

    Someone at Cult Of Mac, really needs to come down on these writers. Yesterday we had a story based on tips from an obviously fake twitter account, we had a story about how people don’t want a more expensive iPad (DUH), and now a tip about a “new feature” in 10.8 that is already available and has been for months now. Please, please, please, I am begging, research before you post. You are killing your credibility. 

  • criticmac

    Yep COM is going downhill. This feature was introduced by Lion last year. Old news and I think there was even a tip about it on here last year too.

    Sorry Charlie you don’t know jack about Mac go back to writing about cameras please. That is some good content that COM is sorely lacking. We need good stories about cameras and getting the most out of our iPhone 4S cameras.

    Power cables? huh? 

    Note I’m not trying to be mean. Just realistic. COM needs to keep and/or hire experienced writers, but doesn’t seem to be able to do so.