Replace Spotlight With Something Faster [OS X Tips]



Devon Technologies offers up this free search app, EasyFind. They’re touting it as a free alternative or supplement to Spotlight, and say it’s faster and more responsive, especially when searching for text files. If you’ve used Spotlight lately, you know that it can have issues, especially due to the indexing feature, which may be out of date or corrupt.

EasyFind doesn’t index your hard drive, but provides fast searches as well as Boolean operators, wildcards and phrase searching. It can also find invisible files and files inside packages, something Spotlight cannot do. When using Mac OS X 10.5 or later, a spacebar press can show the files via the built-in Quick Look feature.

While having keyboard access to Spotlight is a handy thing, if you need to dig a little deeper in searching your hard drive, don’t be afraid to give EasyFind a download. It’s free, fast, and useful. Just like us!

[Source: FreeMacWare]

  • Dataquest Int Ltd

    I use this sometimes. It can be quite handy when spotlight is playing up.

  • Alan Goldman

    Indispensable utility and free!!