Don’t Miss Our iPad 3 Rumor Rundown On Episode 2 Of The CultCast



Did you know Cult of Mac has a brand new podcast? No lies! We’re calling it The CultCast, and it’s the best 30 minute conversation you’ll hear about Apple all week long.

And wouldn’t you know it, we just released episode two into the wild! Join Leander Kahney, Buster Heine, and me, Erfon Elijah, as we yay and nay our way though all the iPad 3 rumors you’ve been hearing; ponder how Apple’s stock price could make it to $1000 per share; and argue about whether AT&T should be allowed to throttle those of us with unlimited iPhone data plans.

Sound tasty? Well dig in my friend! You can subscribe to The CultCast right now in iTunes and listen to episode two on your way to work!

  • Joe Cervantes

    check the podcast reviews, I heard you guys reading my review :D lol

  • Xeph

    Listening to the second podcast now, and you guys sound like your having a blast! Nice work :)

  • erfon elijah

    thanks xeph, we have a good time X D

  • erfon elijah

    ha yeah saw it joe, glad we didn’t let you down!

  • poppa1138

    listening to podcast as I type,as for ipad3 price hike I would like to say “Ney!” keep up the good work and throw in a video podcast occasionally 

  • Scott

    Does the CultCast have an rss feed? All I can find is the iTunes link. Even some of us who practis Apple Cultus prefer an RSS feed.


  • Isaac Márquez

    Really enjoying the podcast. Keep up the good work!

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