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GoPad, A Wearable iPad Desk For The Shameless Dork


You'll look like a nerd, but at least you'll be a stylish nerd

Oh, man. We’ve seen some dorky iPad accessories in our time, but none has managed to be both embarrassing and stylish at the same time. The GoPad performs this seemingly impossible feat, and adds a little bit of campness at the same time.

The GoPad is an iPaddesk” which hangs around your neck. Anyone who has watched an attendant in the menswear section of an old-school department store put on his spectacles will instantly recognize the principle: the GoPad hangs around your neck until needed. Then, you just flip it out and it perches on your belly, in the perfect spot for some stand-up typing.

The different thing about the GoPad is that it actually looks pretty cool. Right up until you use it, that is. A minimal frame surrounds three edges if the iPad and a paracord runs up to a padded neck-strap. Slung over the shoulder it looks great, and even in “belly mode” the device itself remains aloof and modish. The only thing that spoils it is you, as you tap at the screen with your arms held t-rex-like in front of your chest.

Finally, there are two ways to adjust the GoPad. One is to slide the adjusters on the strap itself, the other is to diet or eat more to change the size of your belly. The latter method is — unsurprisingly — much slower. The GoPad is available now for $90, including a bag, and is coming soon for the PlayBook (a hot seller), the Motorola Xoom (ditto), the Kindle Fire and the Galaxy Tab.

[Via Oh Gizmo]