Invisible iPad Keys Make Split-Screen Typing Easier [iOS Tips]


The iPad’s split-keyboard feature — gained in iOS 5 — sure makes it a lot easier to type while standing up. But it also seems a lot clunkier than setting the iPad on a table, propped up by its Smart Cover and tapping away at its large, inviting keys.

But what if you could be just as slapdash with your keystrokes when pecking at the tiny split keyboard. Armed with one little tip, and nothing else, you can.

It turns out that the iPad has some magic, invisible keys. They sit at the ragged ends left over as the keyboard splits and shrinks to the sides of the screen for easy thumb typing. If you hit the space to the side of the T key, for example, iOS will spit out the letter Y, just as if it were still there. These phantom keys continue down both sides, letting you access Y,T,H,G,B and V across the void in the center.

If you think as you do it, this knowledge can slow you down. But just like autocomplete before it, if you let go of your mind and let the Force guide your actions, you’ll be surprised at how well it works. Now all we need is for iOS 6 to scour our brainwaves and cut out the middleman altogether.

Via Finer Things