Target Worker “Confirms” iPad 3 Will Launch In Early March [Rumor]



A “credible” Target employee who is “intimately acquainted with the retail giant’s web presence” has confirmed that Apple’s iPad 3 will launch in early March.

ModMyi reports:

MMi received a credible tip tonight that Target is updating its system to reflect the iPad 3 market introduction in early March. The source in question is intimately acquainted with the retail giant’s web presence and confirms that the third generation Apple tablet will roll out next month.

It’s certainly not the strongest rumor we’ve heard about Apple’s third-generation tablet to date. After all, Target employees are never known for their insider knowledge. However, it’s not the wildest claim we’ve heard, either.

Last week, a source for All Things D confirmed that Apple will hold a media event in San Francisco to unveil the iPad 3 during the first week of March, while it is widely believed that the device will launch around one week later.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple also backed up those claims.

  • sn0wball

    my cousin works at target, maybe he knows. lmao

  • Chris Powers

    Yeah my last experience asking a Target employee something went well.  I was looking for a replacement TIVO remote control and asked if they sold TIVO’s.  I was told yes, but then said she didn’t know what they were but would help me look through the store.  I asked if she worked in Electronics and was told, why yes, she did.  I then asked how she knew they sold them if she didn’t know what they were.  Her dumbfounded look cemented my desire to just be satisfied with Amazon’s two day free shipping on Prime, and let it go…

  • CaveMan5464

    Really? Target is your inside tipster? I would have a tendency to believe the exact opposite. 

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    You realize Target has an infrastructure based on information, right? They, the employees, can look up products on a computer, which accesses their database, and can retrieve the inventory status of the product. They can do all of that and not know what the product is.

  • sir1jaguar

    To all the ifans, TARGET mole is right as I talked to a friend who is working in AP (asset protection) regional supervisor and he saw the upcoming stocks for march and ipad 3 is included and they know also the date people from apple will install the units (schedules)

    So its real and factual…

  • NotTellinYou

    TOTAL BS. Unbelievable!