Remarks For iPad Is PDF Annotation & Note Taking At Its Finest


  • Jordan Clay

    Funny,  I’m actually using one called “Type on PDF” right now at work.  It allows you sketch on PDF and type, which is a lifesaver when you have to proof a few hundred pages.  there is a free version which puts an advertisement on all exported docs but the full version is only $4.  

    Only downside is that you can’t type in a defined paragraph space,  only line by line.  

  • prof_peabody

    Looks nice, but I don’t see that this does anything that several other apps already do.  There are probably a dozen apps in the store already that let you write on PDF’s or make little sketches.  

    Apps that use a stylus will only really take off when proper stylus support is added to iOS devices.  It requires a hardware digitiser to really work properly and accurately.  Until one can use a tablet to draw the same way one can draw with real world tools (or desktop tools for that matter), and with the same precision, drawing on an iPad will always be of limited use IMO.  

  • Elizabeth Cox

    Look nices. I tried the other day this app for mac also with annotation and it’s perfect for mac and handler all kind of documents.

  • Chris Waldrip

    Check out uPad in the App Store. And Adonit’s Jot stylus. Much more accurate stylus than any others i’ve tried. 

  • Paul

    I agree with Peabody, looks like already existing app out there.
    you should have a look at Beesy,…, interesting way to address the problem of business meeting notes.Interesting as well to generate automatic To-Do from your notes and follow-up on them.some stuff we did not see in other apps

  • propdf

    thanks for share the best pdf annotator mac