CES 2012 Proves That Verizon Is The Nation’s Best iPhone Carrier [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – In the aftermath of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there are going to be hundreds of awards — some official, some decidedly not-so — declaring the best product of CES.

Why wait? We can already tell you what we think the best product of CES is: Verizon Wireless’s network, which is the only one that has not been frickin’ smeared into jelly by the insane data and voice demands of the show’s technical elite.

If you’ve never been to CES before, here’s the thing. Every January, tens of thousands of exhibitors, industry analysts, buyers and tech journalists push themselves into Las Vegas… and crush the nation’s wireless carriers’ data and voice networks like they were made of string and rusty old tin cans. The networks just can’t cope with the locust swam of the technical elite, consuming their network at a frightening rate: the buyers calling back to HQ, the journalists trying to upload 720p video to their blogs, the reporters filing copy to Tokyo, the live-streaming, and the mad chaos of a million different text messages, emails and phone calls ricocheting about the showfloors every second.

Consequently, most of the time, if you’re on the CES showfloor or at one of the industry events like Showstoppers or Digital Experience, your phone simply doesn’t work. You can’t get your email. You can’t check your Twitter. You can’t receive or make calls. Heck, you can’t even send text messages.

Every year we’ve been at CES, what has happened is that our team’s AT&T iPhones have just become non-functional for the majority of the day. And this year, that’s the case too: Leander, Eli, Erfon, Traci and Buster have all found their iPhones unable to access data + voice most of the time during the show.

But you know whose iPhone is working just fine, all the time? My Verizon iPhone 4S. Data works. Voice works. Text messages work. Hell, tethering works: I’m filing this story using the Verizon Personal Hotspot. That’s a goddamn miracle at an event like CES, where working Internet is as precious and unspillable as a cup of water carried through the Sahara.

Everyone already knows that Verizon is the iPhone’s most reliable carrier, but if you’re in the market for an iPhone or thinking of jumping carriers, CES proves it. This conference is like a Will It Blend test, and while every other iPhone carrier has already been turned into confetti, Verizon’s network just broke the blender’s blades.

  • Kash Kaushal

    Glad to be on Verizon…

  • gettysburg11s

    Wow, cool.  Thats great the your Verizon iPhone bested all other iPhones.  That being said, people should not think that AT&T iPhones are worthless (and believe me, people will draw that conclusion).  I’ve had an AT&T iPhone since the beginning, and I’ve always had great coverage for both voice and data (I live in central PA).

  • John M

    So you’re saying, just because AT&T doesn’t work at CES in Vegas, which is 3 days out of the year in one city, that AT&T isn’t a good network. 

  • Tablet Claw

    AT&T fails at a lot of large events. Last year the Super Bowl was held in Dallas, during the game no one had reception either. During ACL in Austin, TX, again….no service. On Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras….no service….AT&T definitely struggles. 

  • Whodakat

    Well as they do not allow for data and voice at the same time, I would assume they would fare better in a CES like setting.  Personally I’ve been on AT&T since the original iPhone, and I really haven’t had any problems.  I’ve lived in FL, NC, and KS during that time, and worked all over the country.  Every carrier has their ups and downs, but being able to use data and talk on the phone, as well as faster network speeds (although admittedly I’m not a big cell data user) will continue to keep me on AT&Ts network. 

  • brownlee

    Well, that, and because it doesn’t work 362 days of the year in every other city. 

  • DarekSlaby

    I have the same issue on AT&T during rush hour In Chicago. I can’t even refresh my emails to see if I received any new ones. It’s really annoying

  • Barry Rich

    The point is that when the network is strained, Verizon comes out on top. Yes, AT&T allows simultaneous talking and data, but how many times a day do you really need that where you can’t be on a wifi network and do the same thing? AT&T has good points and bad points, just as Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile do also. The author was simply stating a fact: At CES, when getting calls, emails and text messages through to other people counts, Verizon was able to handle it.

  • racist

    I had an AT&T iphone 4 and cancelled within 30 days. I was dropping at least 5 calls per day. Ended up switching to Verizon iPhone 4 and almost a year later I have only dropped maybe 1 call. Data is fast enough for me with Verizon, and the people that I talk to are not boring enough for me to feel the need to have to talk and surf the web at the same time.

  • Brad

    You have to look at the traffic too on the network and I have noticed that Verizon is much slower in downloading than AT&T.  Plus AT&T has worked out a lot of the bugs since the first iphone!  I have no dropped calls and everything works fine for me. 

    Now if you ask me where I think Verizon really messes up is where they wanted to charge your $2 for paying your bill online and when you go over your plan they send you a txt message after the fact so you end up paying more! 

    Also they have one of the largest deposit requirements of any of the cell carriers. 

    Maybe their service is great for you but I tell you I use the talk and data all the time as when I am meeting a friend and need to get directions I can do it while I’m on the phone with them!

    I think they all have their good points and bad points!  I like AT&T and even switched and went to Sprint and I regretted it and went back to AT&T. 

    My parent’s have Verizon and they do a lot of traveling and when they drove from Texas to California they had horrible reception all the way there and the town they were staying in CA had horrible Verizon reception and they had to use their landline phone!

    It just boils down to what you need and what works for you!  For me AT&T works for me and gives me what I need! 

  • Julia Long Feitner

    I think you missed the point of the post.  If you noticed he said all the other carriers were useless when the Sh!t hits the fan ( when it counts ).  This might be why the FBI and White house use Verizon.  If you actually took the time to pay your bills and weren’t sending your parents all over the place you would know that if you have a  decent credit score your deposit would be the same as AT&T. 

    On a side note last time I looked on a map there were only rocks and sand between TX and CA, funny thing is though there is coverage there.  You see I live there.  I use it all the time when we go hunting for coyotes.  

  • Barry Rich

    Thank you, Julie! I couldn’t agree with you more. And all of these people who have AT&T who DON’T have dropped calls, usually don’t live in metro areas. Not to mention the fact that time and time again, AT&T has been in the headlines for over billing companies and individuals. I’m glad to have Verizon. My job has allowed me to try them all, and out of all of them, Verizon is the best! 

  • Brandon Helton

    I live in the Chicago area and I never have a dropped call.  Have 3G service always.  Get fantastic data speeds.  I also lived in a rural area for a long time with the first 2 iPhones and they worked great there too.  I also travel ALL THE TIME to other cities and rural areas and all of my iPhones have worked fine on AT&T.  And Verizon over bills as well.  Heck they over billed me over $200 years ago and I cancelled and still never got that money back.  Every carrier is the same.  They all have positives and negatives.  Useless argument really because everyone has different experiences.  I can only say one thing.  Sprint is worse than both of them.  Had them for work for years and oh it was crap EVERYWHERE I used it.

  • Barry Rich

    I can agree with you that Sprint is horrible. I don’t know how  they stay in business. I just get so tired of the cell phone carrier wars when the fact of the matter is each person will ultimately decide for themselves who to go with, and each person will have different experiences with the same carrier. I just wish they would focus on what phones they feature and offer competitive plans to benefit EVERYONE. T-Mobile has the best deal out there, but they don’t have a strong enough network to lure me away. 
    On the flip side of this, I’m glad us Apple geeks can have friendly discussions without it getting ugly. Hope you have a good night.

  • ChanceER

    Verizon loaded up its capacity in advance of CES; they brought in rooms full of equipment.

  • Eric

    During the NCAA basketball conference, Verizon crashed in Charlotte nc, for like half a day. I never dropped a call with verizon, but on that day, some phones had service, others did not. Alot of people could not find their friends after the big games.

  • Anthony N

    haha but can your iphone on verizon do data and voice at the same time??

  • don d

    we have verizon 60 miles south of chicago  with a new 4g phone we have lots of outages didnt have that problem with my envy3 on 3g  just got the bill today and we are OVERBILLED again their mistake after a 30 min conversation today they found the mistake after they told us a jan 1 that it was taken care of you cannot trust any of the reps.   if you ask 10 the same question you get 10 different answers  I still having trust issues with the people i talk to i do have a new phone # to contact for a complaint 412 266 7728 they didnt answer at 348pm their time  in PA its the number that called me today  i will try to contact them again tomorrow

  • don d

    we have verizon 60 miles south of chicago with a new 4g phone we have lots of outages didnt have that problem with my envy3 on 3g just got the bill today and we are OVERBILLED again their mistake after a 30 min conversation today they found the mistake after they told us a jan 1 that it was taken care of you cannot trust any of the reps. if you ask 10 the same question you get 10 different answers I still having trust issues with the people i talk to i do have a new phone # to contact for a complaint 412 266 7728 they didnt answer at 348pm their time in PA its the number that called me today i will try to contact them again tomorrow

  • solomonshv

    And what stopped AT&T from doing so?

  • ChanceER

    Nothing. Your reply is nonresponsive. The point of the article is that Verizon’s showing at CES is indicative of Verizon’s performance in the real world. It is not.

  • Barry Rich

    But at least they anticipated and did something about it to ensure their customers would have a signal. AT&T did not, which shows how much they care about their customer base. 

  • solomonshv

    if you look further down in this comment section, you’ll see another Chicago resident stating the complete opposite of what you just said.

  • Jeannie

    This is actually not true.  I was involved with the Verizon network during CES – both the 4G and 3G networks.  The extent of “rooms full of equipment” consisted of an eleborate in building antenna system.  Hands down, VZW network performed better than ATT both in the CES convention center and in other areas of Vegas as well.

  • willzzz88

    If you understand network architecture then you should understand just how INTERNATIONAL the event is..

    Actually most of the foreign IMSI’s roaming in Vegas are camped to AT&T UMTS 3G and GSM 2G and T-Mobile GSM 2G (T-Mobile’s 3G uses a special Americas specific AWS band that only T-Mobile native subscribers and certain foriegn countries like Canada, Mexico (soon) and Latin/South America can roam on.)

    Verizon has *SOME* CDMA2000 international roaming traffic of legacy from Canada/Mexico and Asia…

    AT&T Mobility’s network is hammered at ANY international even due to the VERY HIGH NUMBER of international roaming traffic on their network (Foriegn roaming SIM card IMSI registrations, aka in-bound roaming) and T-Mobile a little less so (Saw a post when someone saw someone with a foreign phone roaming on T-Mobile’s 2G/EDGE network… T-Mobile’s roaming rates in-bound to US are cheaper than AT&T’s mostly…).

    This is the other reason why AT&T recently did a shit-load of upgrades in Florida, California (like greater than what is needed for JUST the US population) and why their still having Manhattan problems (they need greater site density than VZW like this!).

    BTW AT&T and T-Mobile being GSM providers DID BRING IN and upgraded their DAS systems!

    Also if you KNOW how UMTS works from a technical perspective then the voice/SMS traffic has priority and that’s why in EXTREME circumstances like this you couldn’t use data temporarily… (Voice is important right!? So is *SMS*).

  • Dan S


  • whywhy

    After reading you article was it necessary to use the Lords name in vain?????? I DON’T THINK SO