Apple plans to limit accelerometer and gyroscope access in Safari for iOS


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iOS 12.2 might make Safari more complicated.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple plans to limit Safari’s access to the accelerometer and gyroscope inside your iOS device in an upcoming software update.

iOS 12.2 will prevent websites from having access to motion data by default, rendering certain content unusable — even on Apple’s own website. Users will be able to change this inside Safari’s settings, however.

Facebook will remove iOS app that paid users to ‘spy’ on them


Facebook previously ran into problems with Apple for data collection.
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Facebook will shut down the iOS version of its Research app after a TechCrunch report revealed how it was paying users aged 13-35 to install a VPN, allowing it to gather data on their phone and web activity.

This follows an incident last August in which Apple asked Facebook to remove its Onavo VPN from the App Store, since it was violating Apple’s data collection policies.

Apple acquires AI startup with a focus on privacy


Silk Labs
Silk Labs' privacy policy reads like it was written by Tim Cook.
Photo: Silk Labs

Apple has reportedly acquired an artificial intelligence startup that specializes in on-device machine learning software.

Silk Labs’ technology processes data without sending it to the cloud, which is a perfect fit for Apple’s privacy-conscious approach to AI. It’s not clear how much Cupertino paid for the company when the deal was struck earlier this year.

Twitter brings useful data saver feature to iOS


Don't waste all your data on tweets.
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The official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad can now help you cut down on your data usage.

Its new data saver feature takes steps to reduce the amount of data required to load tweets in your timeline. It’s also a blessing for those who like to avoid auto-playing videos.

Marco Rubio wants Apple to shed light on data-stealing Mac app


Senator Rubio
Rubio is upset about a Mac app that was found to be sending user data to China.
Photo: Senator Rubio

Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t happy about Mac apps. Specifically, he’s not happy about Mac apps stealing user data and sending it off to remote servers in China. And he’s perhaps most unhappy that Apple failed to act sooner than it did.

In a letter sent Wednesday, Rubio voiced his complaints to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In it, he asked why Apple failed to immediately act upon information it had about an app, Adware Doctor, which was behaving in a malicious manner.


Facebook Onavo Protect iOS
Onavo Protect doesn't comply with App Store rules.
Photo: Facebook

Zuckerberg fires back at Cook over Facebook privacy diss


Facebook employees
It'll take a Facebook a few years to dig out of this hole.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken exception to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments that Facebook doesn’t care about its customers because it sells their data to advertisers.

Zuck went on the defensive in one of his first interviews since news broke that Cambridge Analytica leaked the personal data of 50 million users. The interview touched a number of topics, but when asked specifically about Cook’s comments Zuckerberg unleashed a tangent on why Tim Cook is wrong.

iPhone X users report overheating, excessive data consumption


iPhone X
Ready to ditch your iPhone X already? There's still time to get a great price!
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Life with an iPhone X isn’t as rosy as it should be for some adopters. Many report that their handsets are plagued by frequent overheating and excessive data consumption. Some have even resorted to placing their handset in a freezer to cool it down.

Upgrade your reading speed, data management and more [Week’s best deals]


Manage and protect your mobile data, up your reading speeds, and more.
Manage and protect your mobile data, up your reading speeds, and more.
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The cool weather (finally) starts to settle in. But here at the Cult of Mac Store, we’ve got some hot new deals on gear and gadgets to keep you warm. That includes iOS management tools, super secure cloud storage, even a WiFi connected dartboard. Most are more than 60 percent off, read on for more details:

Apple Watch saves man from pulmonary embolism


Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't like visiting hospitals.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Wearing an Apple Watch has become the difference between life and death for a New York man who never expected that buying one could save his life.

James Green, a 28-year-old from Brooklyn, describes himself as a serial data tracker. When he bought the original Apple Watch two years ago, he picked it up mostly for the notifications and tracking bike rides. Now, thanks to a heart-tracking app, it’s become a big part of his health story.