Apple Planning Media Event In New York This Month [Updated]


It could be several years before India gets its first Apple store.
It could be several years before India gets its first Apple store.

Apple is planning a media event in New York this month, according to AllThingsD. While we shouldn’t expect to see the iPad 3 or a new Apple TV, AllThingsD’s usually-reliable sources have indicated the event will be “important,” but not “large-scale.”

Apple’s iCloud exec, Eddy Cue, is expected to show at the event in late Janurary. The last time Cue took the stage in New York was to help launch the iPad-only magazine by News Corp called The Daily.

But, for sure, several sources underscored that the event is not related to an upcoming version of the iPad 3, the next iteration of the popular tablet device that many expect to be available in 2012.

Also unlikely, the rollout of Apple’s large-scale rethinking of the interactive television initiative that it has been working on. While the company is expected to launch a new Apple TV product later in 2012, such an event would almost certainly be held in the heart of the industry in Hollywood or at least in Silicon Valley.

AllThingsD seems to believe that the event could involve some sort of iAd announcement. Apple has reportedly been looking for a mobile ad executive since Andy Miller left last summer. AllThingsD has had reliable information on Apple’s future plans in the past. The publication correctly predicted the date and location of the iPhone 4S announcement last October.

Separately, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has given this report from AllThingsD one of his classic “yep” confirmations. Dalrymple has also provided very reliable information on Apple in the past.

What do you think Apple will announce at its upcoming media event in New York?

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that Apple’s media event will focus on publishing and ebooks:

According to the source the event will not involve any hardware and instead will focus on publishing and eBooks (sold through Apple’s iBooks platform) rather than iAds. Attendance also be more publishing industry-oriented than consumer.

The event will unveil improvements to the iBooks platform according to the same source, and is not “major.”

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