2011 Apple Year In Review [Video]



As 2011 comes to a close, it’s interesting to look back on Apple’s accomplishments throughout the year.

In this video, Cult Of Mac takes a look back at the top Apple events of 2011.

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19 responses to “2011 Apple Year In Review [Video]”

  1. jfc123 says:


  2. Irshad Farook says:


  3. theycallmeguy says:

    I wouldn’t call it an amazing year. I feel it was a learning year as Apple stumble it’s way though well publicized issues. But I could understand how that would play out as in the background the CEO was fading away and the compony had a big burden on their shoulders on how to keep investor confidence  from crumbling over Steve Job’s passing. So in that regards i look at 2011 a mournful year and 2012 as a anxious year of keeping the vision of Steve Jobs alive through great inovations. 

  4. Dave says:

    You know there is no cult of pc, because it just isn’t that interesting to talk about. Kept that in mind.

  5. MiosLaurie says:

    Most of the lines cannot be seen, shameful video edition!

  6. Matt Mullen says:

    You guys spelled absence as absence. Otherwise nice effort.

  7. Steven Chaffer says:


  8. Michael Steeber says:

    whoops :)

  9. Michael Steeber says:

    Thank you

  10. Adnan hidayat says:

    in indonesian, absence is  absen…..so, there is no miss spelling…..lol

  11. Iain Carnegie says:

    That was terrible… Couldn’t read some of the info as it past so fast with the bad animation!

  12. Greg James says:

    I kinda agree and it should of finished with a pic of Steve..

  13. Brandon Summers says:

    Steve would have hated that video. You know it. Spelling errors, you didn’t shop out the white backgrounds on the devices… garbage.

    and this is from someone who is the CoM “I make videos” guy. Waste.

  14. Brandon Summers says:

    Absolute rubbish, I assume he gets paid for this or a kickback or spiff  or something. Just give it some effort. I have seen better content from Grade 8’s.

  15. Alex says:

    WOW that was  bad …. Do yourself a favor and take down this turd.

  16. Michael Steeber says:

    I would like you to know I spent several hours putting this together, and your rude comments are very insulting. Can you do better? If not, don’t criticize. 

  17. Brandon Summers says:

    The weird thing is though Michael, I have been to your website. I know you can make great videos. The Minecraft video was phenomenal. Really all you need to do to make this a great video is get rid of all the white backgrounds on your photos so it doesn’t look like you took the pictures right from google.

    Make the right choice pull the video, redo it.

  18. Michael Steeber says:

    I don’t know, I thought this was one of the best videos I’ve done. 

  19. Brandon Summers says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I was being quite harsh. I have seen worse. I just know you were capable of so much more. this is a very large community where a post can make or break your career. 

    The devil is in the details. You write for an Apple blog because Apple knew the devil was in the details. follow suit. 

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