Apple Will Unveil Two New iPads With Better Batteries, Retina Displays At Macworld In January [Report]



Apple has a treat in store for us in 2012, according to one Digitimes report, which claims the Cupertino company will release not one but two new iPad models, one of which will boast more than twice the battery capacity of the current model, with a 5- to 8-megapixel camera.

The next-generation iPad will reportedly feature a battery with a staggering 14,000 mAh capacity — more than double that of the current 6,579 mAh battery. But it won’t be the only new Apple tablet next year, sources for Digitimes claim.

In addition to  this “high-end” model, which will feature a 9.7-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1,536 x 2,047 pixels, a quad-core A6 processor, and an 8-megapixel camera; there will also be a “mid-range” iPad. Both of which will, apparently, join the existing iPad 2 to provide Apple with a “complete iPad series targeting the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end market segments”:

The iPad 2 will be competing directly with Amazon’s kindle Fire in the price-sensitive market segment, while the new models will focus on the mid-range and high-end segments respectively, the sources said.

However, neither of those two new devices will sport a smaller, 7.85-inch display as previously rumored, according to the report:

Instead of the previously-rumored 7.85-inch, the upcoming iPad models will still feature 9.7-inch screens but come with QXGA resolution (1,536×2,048 pixels), the sources indicated.

And if these rumors weren’t already questionable enough, Digitimes claims the new iPads will be unveiled at the Macworld|iWorld conference on January 26, 2012 — an event which Apple pulled out of completely two years ago — and not a dedicated Apple event:

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPad – which will come in two versions – at the iWorld scheduled for January 26, 2012, according to sources at its supply chain partners

While the possibility of a high-end “iPad HD” has been rumored a number of times before, it seems unlikely the device would be unveiled at the Macworld|iWorld conference. Apple withdrew from this event back in December 2008, with its last appearance in January 2009, when it said that trade shows were no longer a part of its overall strategy. Since then it has held its own media events to launch new products, which have always been very popular.

[via MacRumors]

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

    How about NOT blatantly repeating questionable rumors IN THE HEADLINE if even you don’t believe them?

  • Cindon83

    WHAT?….STILL NO JET PACK.  I just hate rumors as “news”

  • Phil Reece

    How about enjoying the speculation and instead worrying about something more important in your life.


    “Enjoy the speculation”??! Huh??! This could easily be the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard all week! Congratulations!! FAIL!!


    Anyone that thinks Apple is in competition with Amazon is retarded!! FACT!! Amazon’s device business is SO terrible they can’t even tell the public or their customers how many devices get shipped or sold every quarter. If they were doing good, they’d report it, but they’re NOT!! 7-inch tablets SUCK & everyone knows it! The analysts & pundits are trying to fill the collective “mind-share” with the smaller iPad notion, so that when it comes out, they’ll take credit for the suggestion. If it doesn’t come out, they’ll write articles “dogging” Apple for not listening to them. Either way, Apple will have more record sales & continue to DEVOUR their so-called “competition”. At the moment, there is NO proof that Apple needs to change their business-model at this time. They make all of the money, have supply-chains filled with iOS devices & manufacture more devices than anyone, while selling every single one! NO ONE can touch them!

  • MacGoo

    MacWorld? Say no more. This is just filler until there are actual substantial rumors to report. There’s no way Apple is backpedaling on their trade show stance – they were RIGHT. Trade shows are fading fast…

  • Jordan Clay

    Better battery – Yes (kind of a given

    2 iPads  – No  iPad 2 will be budget (350 -??) and come w/ 8 gigs no retina

    MacWorld – Hell no…all that needs said

    January – NOPE, not enough parts floating around. I haven’t even seen 1 retina screen which is necessary

    Camera – probaby the Ip4 5 megapixel.  I don’t see 1080 going into it yet

  • Phil Reece

    Phil = 2 likes, Andre = 0… Fail.

  • recyclops117

    This is so stupid, this is the problem with rumors you get all excited with what a web site tells you and when the real product comes out your ‘disapointed’.

  • Demonstr8r

    Absolutely false! Apple will not unveil new devices at MacWorld or CES in 2012 or ever. Twice the battery life is highly unlikely, a larger capacity battery will be needed to power both the A6 and the retina display, but the user will not experience twice the battery life as some are mistakenly reporting. As for the other rumors, let’s just wait and see.