Check Out The Insanely Huge Crowd That Showed Up For Apple’s Grand Central Opening [Photo]



Holy crap. Check out this photograph of all the people who queued up for the opening of Apple’s new Grand Central Terminal location, as photographed by Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt. You’d think this was an iPhone 5 launch!

Also interesting to me: look at the number of Apple Geniuses on hand. Most stores would be lucky to have that many customers at once, let alone need that number of employees to handle their customer base.

  • S

    Are you sure it wasn’t just a couple of west bound train delays? :)

  • Jordan Clay

    The probably called every single employee and the trainers as an “all hands on deck”  More than likely 1/2 of those geniuses will go home in an hour. 

  • Edwin Scott

    I agree it is all hands on deck, but I doubt it will be over in an hour. I bet they will be there all day. 

  • Len Williams

    This is terrific, but my first thought is how all the extra foot traffic affected people trying to get to or from their trains. Any idea if it caused jams, or is the new store off the direct flow lines of train passengers?

  • MacRat

    “Also interesting to me: look at the number of Apple Geniuses on hand”

    Which ones of the red shirts are geniuses?

    You do know the red shirt is for the holiday season and doesn’t signify where the employee works in the store, right?

  • CharliK

    It is shameful that someone that has been writing for a Mac blog for this long doesn’t actually know that Geniuses are ONE group of several of employees at the stores and thus those aren’t all Apple Geniuses, or that the staff has been wearing the same color shirts for like two years in general and during the Holidays practically since day one. 

    As for the number of employees, openings are a celebration and therefore all hands on deck. And yes in a store that size, to cover the traffic in a typical 12 hour day with shipments, training, tech and sales they would need that many employees to cover the overall needs since this isn’t China where apparently it’s legal to make folks work 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no meal breaks etc.

  • CharliK

    It’s very possible that they were forced to line up outside until the bulk of rush hour was over or some other scheme to allow entrance and egress for commuters. 

  • Sean Brassman

    There are no west bound trains out of Grand Central Terminal. They all go north and then some go east. Besides this morning rush hour and all traffic inbound so there aren’t all that many people waiting for a train to leave.

  • S

    looks like someone doesn’t get the concept behind tongue-in-cheek smiley faces…

  • Pradyot Ghate

    While your comment about the difference between Geniuses and store employees is a very good point, your comment about China’s law is not ill informed. May be you should stick to what you know.

  • Pradyot Ghate

    Wow! Now that is how you open a store… other companies can learn a thing or two…