Check Out This Gorgeous Radial Infographic “10 Years Of iPod”, Then Hang It On Your Office Wall



Did you love that gorgeous “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” letter press poster we showed you earlier today, only to balk at the $200 asking price?

Here’s a poster that might float your boat, especially if you’re an App Developer: this beautiful radial infographic shows off the last ten years of the iPod and iTunes. And if you’re willing to print it yourself, it could cost you as little as $99!

Here’s the official description:

Experience the amazing story of how Apple created the iPod, iTunes, and other related products. Ten years of iPod and iTunes history in a magnificent looking radial chart, down to the last detail: Take a closer look at the major turning points in history and product releases. The iPod plus iTunes Timeline« is plotting all important events, sales records, and press announcements, and is the most comprehensive mapping of of the world’s most popular music player ever.

If you don’t feel like printing it out yourself, you can preorder one of a 100 print limited edition which will be signed, numbered and shipped at the end of January.


[via iClarified]

  • Josh Yates

    Maybe I’m missing it, but it’s only 9 euros to download the PDF…where do you get your $99 from?  Taking it to a printer?

  • Sarah

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  • Phil

    This is the perfect poster if you never want to get laid.

  • Phil

    This is the perfect poster if you never want to get laid.

  • Phil

    Are you f***ing kidding me Sarah? How the hell did you get on here?? you and your damn spam. I swear.

  • John Howell

    If Cult of Mac continue with that annoying ad when coming in off an RSS reader, this site will quickly disappear from my list.