RIM Admits Defeat, Starts Making iOS Software



Research in Motion — roundly clobbered in the smartphone and tablet market — is now trying to hang onto its core enterprise customers. It’s formula is to concede defeat by Apple and Android, then sell its rivals’ victory as a reason to stay with the Waterloo, Ont. company.

In a statement this morning, RIM announced its Mobile Fusion BlackBerry Enterprise Server software would “bring together” mobile device management for the BlackBerry, as well as the iPhone and smartphones based on Google’s Android software. A RIM vice-president for enterprise product management told Reuters the company wants to become “the defacto platform” for mobile device security used by business.

Mobile Fusion lets corporations set rules for passwords, apps and software allowed across a number of mobile devices, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad, as well as Android and RIM devices.

Alan Panezic said RIM would not bypass the security already offered by iOS and Android products, pledging the company will not “hold that back in any way, shape or form.” Analysts view the move as too late to spark any interest in RIM’s BlackBerry devices.

“It will help stem the tide of those companies that may have considered eliminating their [BlackBerry Enterprise Server] but it won’t help sell more phones,” Gartner analyst Phillip Redman said. Once a ubiquitous sight in corporate offices, the BlackBerry is slowly giving way to the iPhone, recent studies found. A Good Technology survey found companies have a “clear preference for Apple products,” perhaps the leading edge of shift rocking RIM’s world.

After RIM’s co-CEOs Mike Lazridis and Jim Balsillie were almost tossed out by angry investors, the company cut 2,000 workers. RIM saw its profits fall 47 percent as only 200,000 PlayBook tablets shipped during the last quarter. The company had trumpeted its tablet as “end of amateur hour.” The firm’s once steady hold on the business market slipped in the U.S. as its marketshare between May and August dropped to 19.7 percent.


    No Thanks. I don’t want to sully my awesome iPhone experience with anything to do with RIM. They burned me so bad with the Tour, I am entirely done with them.  

  • vistarox

    All I want is for them to bring BBM to iOS and Android. I’m sick and tired of all my BlackBerry friends bragging about how great it is. 

  • Figurative

    They should have done this years ago.  Now it’s an act of desparation.

  • cyberb0b

    Then start bragging about iMessage.. :-)

  • Jordan Clay

    There last great phone was the curve with the trackball, and not the trackpad.  The pearl was good enough.  anything made in the past 5 years is just tired, old, unimaginative.

  • Behnam Izadi

    RIM = R.I.P

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    They were right, it was the end of amateur hour…

  • Sonny Zambrana

    Most of my friends now own iphones and have upgraded to ios5.  Using iMessage is a wonderful thing.

  • Apple Hints

    When will they get it? The average size business in America is 1 – 100 people. Businesses do not want to maintain another piece of server software. As a IT Consultant, These businesses want to keep their IT costs down while maintaining high reliability and ease of use. Not adding another piece of software to the mix.


    In my Blackberry years, I at one time had 45 people on my BBM list. I watched it dwindle to ONE. That final one guy, left a week before I did for a different phone. It was lonely that last week. iMessage is wonderful!


    P.S. The Blackberry software was the only thing that ever crashed on my Mac.
    Good riddance,

  • GGJJGirl

    iMessage does not hand a candle to BBM, talk about goiung backwards, Apple selling a sub par system as ground breaking.

  • csman

    Unlike Apple, RIM is not trying to take over the world. Probably you’ll start hearing something like “Hello, I’m Siri, your business assistant. I’ll make sure you do all your work today. Your games have been blocked in your device until 5pm” =D

  • Roger Ramshit

    And how exactly is Apple trying to take over the world. Apple smartphone marketshare today is less than what BB was in the past.


    Name one thing that BBM can do that iMessage does not. The only thing sub par is BlackBerry. Trust me, I was the biggest Blackberry zealot out there, until I was stuck with a crummy outdated phone, and a terrible browser, that wouldn’t let you even click on anything. Which to my knowledge, RIM STILL has not repaired. The only thing that BBM did that iMessage doesn’t is suck with your dwindling friend’s list.

  • Larissa Reid

    miss you my dear blackberry :( 

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