Hide From Creeps With RingShuffle’s Extra Phone Number [Daily Freebie]



Ever faced with one of those situations where you need to give out your phone number, but you feel a bit iffy about doing it? RingShuffle is a free app that’s ideal to have on your iPhone for exactly those occasions.

It works pretty simply: Pick one of three numbers RingShuffle makes available to you, and give that number out; you can even pick a number from a different area code. Then when someone calls your RingShuffle number, it’ll automatically be forwarded to your iPhone — with the other side none the wiser.

The number will expire after a week, but you can renew the number, or grab a completely different one. The only problem is that you can’t call out with the number. Oh, and you might want to change your voicemail message if you announce your number.

  • twitter-16071221

    Hah! What a great idea. Downloaded!

  • oakdesk23

    Unfortunately there aren’t enough free numbers to make yours unique for very long. They must have a pool of numbers they continuously recycle, which means you’ll likely get random calls intended for the last people who gave out the number. Doesn’t seem like it’d really be worth the hassle, unless you have a bad habit of giving your number out to a lot of psychos.

  • Chapeloftrance

    Better alternative? Google voice.
    That way texts can even be forwarded to your iPhone.

  • Chris Broadley

    Why cant i find it on the app store?

  • nthnm

    I think it’s only available in the USA app store. Is that the one you’re searching in?