Apple Makes Going To Your Local Apple Store Much Less Hellish With Apple Store 2.0 App Update


  • kitty13131

    Awesome, now just build an apple store where I live and we’ll be in business.

  • muun

    I hate how a lot of major apple releases are USA only for a month:/

    Even in Canada we are stuck with the stupidity of their inability to own rights to international media tariffs:/

    for once I would like to see them make something fully international at launch before they go spewing their nonsense about how “worldly” they are:/

  • Chris

    I just hope we’ll still be able to pay the old way…

  • CharliK

    You will. And for the higher priced items you’ll have to .

    This was done because they send out these customer satisfaction surveys and over and over and over ad nauseum they were getting ones that basically said “I just wanted to get a freaking iPhone case and everyone was busy and there’s no regular cash register and all the people in the back where like ‘we don’t ring things up we fix things go find someone out there’. So I just left cause I wasn’t going to wait for an hour just to buy a  case.”

  • JimR

    Barking up the wrong tree.

  • Mike

    Or, you could move to a better country?

  • Mike

    Will there be shopping bags supplied for the EasyPay customers?

  • Mike Rathjen

    So Apple services and products should be held back the US, and Canada for that matter, until Apple can provide services in Somalia?

  • CharliK

    Yes. if you want to wait for an available sales person to get you one. 

  • CharliK

    you’re looking at it wrong. You are looking at the fact that it is not fully international at the risk that it might not be fully well functioning. 

    instead of seeing it for what it is. once again using the US as the guinea pigs

  • Mortys11

    Germany is too far