MadPad Is One Of The Sickest, Baddest, Phattest iPhone Apps We’ve Seen. And It’s Free Today [Daily Freebie]




Smule’s been racking up the hits with apps like Ocarina and I Am T-Pain. Their latest is called MadPad, and like the others, it’s well-polished, cooler than an arctic popsicle and impossible to put down. And today, it’s free.

The app lets you sample sounds from your environment and save twelve of them — along with a little video clip for each — as a set to play with later as a kind of drum kit. Which is pretty cool.

But the real hook is browsing all the sets users have uploaded online, or sharing sets through Twitter, Facebook or email. I can’t get over how slick the app is, too — well put together, and just super-fun to play with.

It’s only free ’till the end of the day today though, so jump on it. Also, I Am T-Pain 2.0 is on sale for a buck, in case you’re interested.

Edit: As rockarollr’s mad detective skills have sussed out, there’s also an HD iPad version — which he apparently couldn’t get to work. Seems to be doing ok on my iPad 2, though. Is the app quarreling with older iDevices, perhaps?

  • GJNilsen

    Please, thas was just total utter crap.

  • rockarollr

    This app crashed on my freshly booted iPad within minutes of launching it. Are Smule actually looking for beta testers with this “free” offering?

  • elimilchman

    Works perfectly on my iPhone 4. Actually had no idea there was also an iPad version —  rockarollr, you’re a swell (if accidental) tip tosser.

  • SevanGrim

    … It says 99 cents to me. guess the day ended early

  • doro86

    i think it is a useful and entertaining app…..

  • Jfountai

    not free anymore

  • elimilchman

    No, it’s back up to $1 — ‘fraid you were a wee bit late, sale ended yesterday.