Watch Siri Running On The iPhone 3GS [Video]


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Famed jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has released a video of Siri running on the iPhone 3GS. Petrich is most known in the jailbreak community for his Activator extension that brings customized gestures for specific apps and tweaks in iOS.

In the above video, Petrich is demonstrating Siri on an iPhone 3GS. He has also mentioned that he is working on Activator integration with Siri.

This hack comes courtesy of developer Steven-Troughton Smith and chpwn, who recently demonstrated Siri running on the iPhone 4 as well. The Siri port cannot be released at this time due to the illegal nature of the hackery, and the fact that it would take both piracy and an iPhone 4S jailbreak to release.

More to come as this story unfolds.

  • Cristian Alegria

    How to get Siri for 3GS, i want get Siri for ipod 4G please…

  • Tom Locke ?

    Whats that little light on the top of the iPhone?

    I don’t want Siri on anything but the 4s because Siri is what made the iPhone 4s fantastic, people will just get the 4 if they are not interested in the processor etc.

  • AppBuster

    You cost Apple money if you don’t buy the latest stuff! Don’t get around your duty with dirty tricks. Siri is not good on anything other than the 4S. Now visit your next AppleStore® and ask the concierge for the iPhone 4S.

  • Ron

    Heaven forbid apple loses money due to their own marketing scheme so that they can make more…tool.

  • Dylan Varian

    I wrote about how much I would love this to happen just last week on my blog and now it looks like it could happen sooner than later. Check out my post here: