iPad 3 To Feature Dual-LED Backlight To Accommodate Retina Display [Rumor]



iPad users have been looking forward to a Retina display since the company introduced its iPhone 4 — its first iOS device to feature the high-resolution display — and recent reports have claimed the feature will finally surface with Apple’s third-generation tablet.

Strengthening those claims is a new report which suggests Apple is working with component suppliers to design a new backlight that is capable of maintaining the iPad’s existing level of brightness with the higher resolution panels.

DigiTimes cites sources in Apple’s Taiwanese supply chain who claim the single LED backlight bar in Apple’s iPad 2, which features a 1024 x 768 resolution display, isn’t strong enough to maintain the device’s existing level of brightness when a Retina display, with a rumored 2048 x 1536 resolution, is introduced.

Therefore, the Cupertino company is working with vendors to find a dual-LED alternative. According to the report, it has already been pitched two alternatives, one of which features the same single-bar design but with two LEDs inside. However, Apple is reportedly in favor of an alternative design which uses dual-LED light bars on either side of the device’s display:

Apple is likely to adopt the design using dual light bars, the sources asserted, adding that BLU makers have solved issues related heat dissipation and battery consumption for the dual light bar design.

Although Apple has reportedly been receiving iPad 3 components since back in October, the difficulties the company is experiencing with the introduction of a Retina display, such as these brightness issues, have reportedly “affected the launch schedule” of the device. Though reports are still anticipating a launch in March 2012, according to AppleInsider.

Personally, I’d be happy to wait an extra few months for a Retina display iPad 3, than get it early next year with the same display featured in the iPad 2. Wouldn’t you?