iPad 3 To Feature Dual-LED Backlight To Accommodate Retina Display [Rumor]



iPad users have been looking forward to a Retina display since the company introduced its iPhone 4 — its first iOS device to feature the high-resolution display — and recent reports have claimed the feature will finally surface with Apple’s third-generation tablet.

Strengthening those claims is a new report which suggests Apple is working with component suppliers to design a new backlight that is capable of maintaining the iPad’s existing level of brightness with the higher resolution panels.

DigiTimes cites sources in Apple’s Taiwanese supply chain who claim the single LED backlight bar in Apple’s iPad 2, which features a 1024 x 768 resolution display, isn’t strong enough to maintain the device’s existing level of brightness when a Retina display, with a rumored 2048 x 1536 resolution, is introduced.

Therefore, the Cupertino company is working with vendors to find a dual-LED alternative. According to the report, it has already been pitched two alternatives, one of which features the same single-bar design but with two LEDs inside. However, Apple is reportedly in favor of an alternative design which uses dual-LED light bars on either side of the device’s display:

Apple is likely to adopt the design using dual light bars, the sources asserted, adding that BLU makers have solved issues related heat dissipation and battery consumption for the dual light bar design.

Although Apple has reportedly been receiving iPad 3 components since back in October, the difficulties the company is experiencing with the introduction of a Retina display, such as these brightness issues, have reportedly “affected the launch schedule” of the device. Though reports are still anticipating a launch in March 2012, according to AppleInsider.

Personally, I’d be happy to wait an extra few months for a Retina display iPad 3, than get it early next year with the same display featured in the iPad 2. Wouldn’t you?

  • jimmyjame

    I am more then happy to wait for the iPad 3 :D just like I am hanging in there for iPhone 5 as iPhone 4S doesn’t cut it for me

  • Denishikov

    Just got my iPad2 in September, and already I know that the resolution really needs to be upped. I also would like to wait for the iPhone 5, but my phone is a 3GS and I am needing an upgrade already! So my 4S is on its way this week! I will deffo feel jealous when the iPad3 and the iPhone5 will be released. :(

  • SevanGrim

    as always, if you buy an apple product a year late you will have to live with the upcoming minor upgrade. and as always if you buy the minor upgrade you need to do it because you know u will not mind having last years model. i enjoy my iphone 4. I will not envy the 5 so much that i cant wait till the 5s comes out… and so on.
    ipad has not changed too much. i dont see exactly why people are so gaga over the 2. but whatever….

  • csman

    People go gaga for the ipad2 because is insanely faster than the first ipad. And there is also mirroring via hdmi (at a hefty price for the adaptor though).

  • Carolyn Hayes

    I’m sort of glad I can’t afford an iPad these days – means I can fantasize about iPad 3 with Retina and maybe even a A6 chip and SD or USB slot.
    I’m also waiting on the iPhone 5, but mostly because I’m really happy with my 4 and have no 4S envy…..er…..except for that camera……..

  • CharliK

    Digitimes is one of THE most unreliable sources and thus I simply don’t buy that Apple is playing to put a 300+ dpi screen in the iPad at this point. 1080p, 1200p perhaps but to jump from 768p to  1538p which doesn’t seem to serve any need other than unnecessary marking woo ha. I don’t buy it. The iPad doesn’t need it like the iPhone/touch did to have clean and readable text etc and there’s not even video to support 1080p on the common market yet. So until they can give a logical and necessary reason for it, I’m keeping my house sized grain of salt on that issue. I think perhaps Apple ordered some test units sure, and someone is thinking the wrong way about it. But it might be for more like the iPad 4, 5 or even 6. 

    They made the whole two releases claim for this year and it didn’t happen. I doubt it will next year either. Again, they can’t give a logical reason for Apple to break their one release about every 12 months cycle. 

    Now on this dual bar issue. This one I can buy as a serious test in progress with intention to put in the iPad 3. Why? Because “It is crap outdoors” is a major complaint going back to the first iPad. If they could improve brightness and brightness control that would be a serious improvement to the screen. One that would make most folks forget that the screen isn’t 300+dpi. and I can see Apple dealing with that before upping the res to some crazy amount. 

  • CharliK

    the wired adaptor is like $39 for the adapter and maybe that for an HDMI cable. Or you get a $99 apple tv and HDMI cable and use that. 

    neither one is really all that hefty of price.

  • CharliK

    “Just got my iPad2 in September, and already I know that the resolution really needs to be upped.”

    Okay. Why? And “it’s not a retina display” isn’t good enough. Give us a logical reason that serves all users and not just the demands of the geeks that hang out on blogs why the resolution must be upgraded and what level it must be upgraded to. 

    I’m guessing you can’t really. You can give a geek answer but that’s typically more wish list than a real reason.  

    1. 1080p video? Where are we going to buy it. It’s not on Apple or Amazon particularly in large amounts and ‘the 95’ don’t rip blu-rays or torrent them. 

    2. clean text, especially at larger sizes. already got it. 

    3. Clean video. if it was made properly, again already got it. yes the video from the cameras sucks but that’s due to the cameras not the display. 

    4. clean pictures. if made properly, already got it. 

    and so on

  • SevanGrim

    all these updates coming out, 4g and A5 chips… they give you what? seconds? thats what i mean. do you really need those 2 seconds soooo badly that you need to spend another 400+ dollars when its insanely obvious that somehow Apple will add a couple more features in the next ipad in a year or two? or that this one will be cheaper?
     most of us old enough to buy our own phones remember dial up speeds. and edge speeds. We remember upwards to 3 minute boot times. So for ay adult to absolutely NEED those two things right now, in this economy, when they have been able to do without them their whole lives AND they will be around for years to come… well thats just silly. I understand having the money, but common sense seems to be what Apple fanatics are lacking.
     example: It was obvious from the history of the iphone business model history that this iphone would not be a major revamp, but every annalist and follower swore it was. and when it was just the 4s everyone groaned and complained and upgraded immediately  because Apple added some things the 4 should have been able to do and a chip that just made it easier to do what the A4 can. Why is this phone selling so well when seriously the only major upgrade is a talking lady who honestly should  be an app? no different look. and most are either paying 700 bucks for it or creating a new contract which means they are screwed if a Super upgraded iphone does come out next year.
        you have been told insanely fast… but you havent been told how little it mattered. and while ipad games are getting better, they are still not really worth all that extra money just to put it on your tv. so why? When you lay it out, your paying a whole new 200-400 dollars for features that barely matter right now.  Just saying.

  • csman

    You have to understand that it’s not about timing how much it takes to open a web page or something similar. We’re talking about the ability to play high end games smoothly and in an external display. Have you tried The Daily app? it was dead slow on the first ipad. It improved so much on the ipad2. It really made a difference (I canceled my subscription, though, too sensationalist). 
    Now, the case of the iphone4s, I think this has more to do with users ditching Blackberry and Android. I got a 4s following the reviews about the ‘fantastic’ camera, and the new voice assistant. The camera is crap compared to the latest $200 point and shoot cameras, especially in low light. The battery is a disaster, it lasts 5 days in STAND BY! I now use it as an alarm clock and for quick access when my wife is busy with the ipad. I agree, the 4s is not much of a new phone compared to the iphone4. 

    In conclusion, the ipad2 and the iphone4s are insanely faster than the first ipad and the iphone4 for high end tasks like gaming and video streaming. Oh, btw, you gotta see what they’re doing with Real Racing 2, they have like 4 players playing at the same time via AirPlay, it’s impressive. 

  • Oscar F

    The 4S was intended for owners of the 3GS who were nearing the end of their 2-year contracts and were eligible for an upgrade. The upgrades brought on by the 4S were similar to those brought by the 3GS. Speed and improved cameras.
    In addition, the timing could not have been better for those about to ditch their Blackberries, especially after that email outage.