iPhone 4S is 68% Faster Than the iPhone 4 According to First Benchmarks



The first GeekBench benchmarks for Apple’s new iPhone 4S prove that dual-core A5 processor makes this baby a super speedy smartphone. Thought your iPhone 4 was quick? The new iPhone is about 68% quicker!

The specs listed in the GeekBench test shows the iPhone 4S’ dual-core A5 chip, and confirms rumors that the device still packs just 512MB RAM. The A5 chip is also present in Apple’s iPad 2, and while that does perform better than the new iPhone in GeekBench tests, with a score of 749, the iPhone 4S achieves an impressive score of ~623.

In comparison, the iPhone 4 achieves just 370, making the new device around 68% than the fourth-generation iPhone, and only 17% slower that the iPad 2. However, the iPhone 4S’ chip is under-clocked at just 800MHz, whereas the iPad 2’s  is free to run at 1GHz.

Do those GeekBench scores for the iPhone 4S get you excited?

[via MacRumors]

  • Bharatibn

    Nice read, please correct the little error in the header, Killian

  • KillianBell

    Done. Thank you.

  • Nudsui

    I want to see it versus the samsung galaxy s2!! Shut those fandroids up

  • Shipeep

    Interesting read. It’s good to see some specs in comparison to the iPad 2. As for the 512MB RAM. I’ve seen a few people mentioning how they’re disappointed in this (I was originally one of those) but, as a few people pointed out, it’s just a number. The stats above show how quick the iPhone 4S is in comparison to the iPhone 4 and no number makes any difference to that. It’s just a shame about the barrage of uninformed comments from users of ‘other’ platforms who are saying that they have 1GB RAM and that the iPhone 4S is inferior etc. Well, I guess Apple have the advantage of developing both the hardware and software and if they warrant 512MB RAM to be enough for their new iPhone and brand it so much faster than the already lightning-fast iPhone 4 then that’s fine for me.

  • Katherine Lero

    I’m extremely excited! I never upgraded from my 3Gs so getting the 4s is going to be like getting a new car engine!

  • techgeek01

    considering that the GSII has been out for like a year, it would  be really bad if the iPhone  isn’t able match or pass the GSII. ;-)

    that being said, I would like to see the 1.5 GSII compared to this. (or galaxy nexus) I hear that it is a huge improvement over 1.2 GSII, meaning it will have quite an improvement over the 4S. ;-)

  • MacHead

    There are other benchmarks this article doesnt cover where it crushes the GS2 cultofmac was skimpy on the pictures it included.

  • Jaime Cruz

    STFU It really annoys me that everyone in this webpage takes pride in pointing out writers mistakes.. leave that to the editor, whose job that is

  • Spiderspants

    sorry to be a pedant but, shouldn’t that be a 73% increase for the 4s over the iphone 4. (263/360)*100% = 73% (2 sig figs) I could be wrong though.

  • Evan Benford

    well the exynos would have to be 2x as fast to bae at the 4S A5…and the A5 has been out since March in the ipad 2 soooo