• FriarNurgle

    Considering he’s a Buddhist, this is kinda disrespectful.  

  • Adam Harris

    Steve’s up there right now working on a way to come back.  He’s going to come back, patent it, sell it through Apple, and it will be part of iLife.

  • imajoebob

    “Reuse” is kinda harsh.  That’s a pretty common meme that thousands of people have reached independently.  And since it’s obviously a satirical image meant to communicate the incredible impact of Jobs’ work, I don’t see anything disrespectful.

  • dale2000

    Agreed.  And as for further use, The Economist published a cartoon of god, moses and jobs together with the caption “Moses, this is Steve; he’ll be upgrading your tablets.”

    So the Christian based iPad/Tablet jokes run deep and it’s hard to point at anyone copying another.

  • Doc Paul Blake

    Good-by Steve I am surprised you left us so soon, we will miss you and thanks for all that you did for us.  Paul  Why have we lost 15 million people to cancer since President Nixon declared war on cancer and began the search for a cure in 1971? Why do we have over 200 forms of cancer but not one has a cure? Why do they say the quality of life is improved when 50% of the population has an incurable disease? Why does modern medicine say they do not know the cause of even one incurable disease? Why hasn’t modern medicine cured even one disease in over a half century while the TV ads for donations keep saying “we are so close to a cure”? Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.