Vote Now to Save Your Favorite MobileMe Feature With the iCloud Petition



If you’re unhappy that Apple is quashing your favorite MobileMe feature in the move over to iCloud, now is the time to do something about it. The Cupertino company has already stated that it will consider bringing features back to iCloud if enough people ask for them, and to help things along, Command Guru has started an iCloud Petition that allows you to vote to save your favorite MobileMe feature.

All you have to do is leave your name, email address, and vote for the feature you want to have introduced to iCloud. Your vote is then automatically sent to Apple:

To let Apple save the most popular features from MobileMe, Command Guru has just launched the iCloud Petition. Anyone can check the services they would like to see integrated within iCloud and contribute to construct enough feedback, thus helping develop second thoughts at the Cupertino summit.

To adhere to the iCloud Petition simply connect to the initiative web page and check your favorite MobileMe features. The system will automatically send your feedback to Apple.

You have the following features to choose from when voting:

  • iWeb Publishing
  • Gallery
  • iDisk
  • Keychain sync
  • System Preferences sync
  • Dock items sync
  • Dashboard widgets sync
  • Mail accounts and signatures sync

After voting, you’ll see the results of the petition which highlights which features users are rooting for most.

It couldn’t be easier to let Apple know you want your favorite MobileMe feature saved, so go and get voting!

  • Andrew Griffin

    May just be me being dense, but what is the difference between ‘Gallery’ and ‘Photo Stream’ (apart from Photo Stream being apparently easier to use)?

  • prof_peabody

    This list is a waste of time.  Mail accounts already sync (signatures don’t but that’s trivial), Gallery is the same as Photo-stream, and all the rest are items used by tiny minorities of folks with the exception of iWeb which is hugely popular amongst MobileMe users.  

    Out of all of these, the only thing we know for absolute certain is that iWeb is not “coming back” no matter how many signatures are obtained since is the main reason Gallery was dis-entangled from it to become Photo-Stream. 

    Apple will no longer host your website into the 21st Century.  They’d be dumb as rocks to continue to do so.  It isn’t going to happen.  

  • Harald Striepe

    They are not the same. Gallery allows publishing of specific slideshows without time limit. Photostream is all of your recent images of the last 30 days from your mobile devices. Purpose and function are quite distinct.

  • Mike

    I pick and choose what is up on my Gallery. 

  • sebzar

    I find this a very good way of showing Apple that killing off anything social sharing related in MobileMe shouldn’t be done. We live in a social-web time these days and Apple is doing the opposite and going egocentric. No more easy sharing of photos, videos with friends and family, etc etc. The only thing social that comes from apple now is the social (read sharing) behaviour of their iOS devices and Macs. Though I found dropbox a good and functional better replacement for iDisk their security related issues are scary. I have searched and searched and asked and asked and have compared almost all the gallery replacements that are on the net to date, I couldn’t find a single one that is as easy and quick as gallery. Same goes for iWeb. Brilliant for kids to grandfathers who want to set up a website. Compared to other hosts, the time we had our website on MobileMe we didn’t have downtime at all. 

  • stonesalive

    Not so sure no one uses the rest of MobileMe. I use iDisk regularly for sharing large files. Simple interface, automatically times out, allows recipients to download with one click. Much better than the FTP sites used by my company. I will miss it.

  • Michael Raskop

    One simple question: Aperture does say on the package and everywhere else that you are able to sync/publish your pictures with MobileMe. This is a feature I bought and use. By what law are they taking this one away?

  • Sean Carter

    Where is bookmark syncing?

    Edit: never mind, I didn’t realize iCloud would still sync bookmarks. Good to know.

  • Kris

    Prof. Peabody…Gallery is VERY different from photo stream. I publish galleries for work in the entertainment industry so everyone involved can pull it up to see all of the props etc that we will use and for the director in NY to approve while I am in LA… Photo stream DOES not have that capability…. Apple has just killed my career… or at the least made it much more difficult.