Photos of Prototype iPhone 5’s ‘DVT’ Battery Surface



As the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 looms closer, components for the device have been cropping up all over the place. The latest provides an indication that the device is close to launch, with a prototype batter labeled ‘DVT_B3’.

U.K. repair shop iPatchiPods has provided images to MacRumors that purportedly show an iPhone 5 prototype battery. The battery is labeled with ‘DVT’, which doesn’t just stand for deep vain thromboses. It also stands for ‘Device Verification Testing’ — the final stage of testing before a device goes into production, and the phase that follows ‘EVT’ — Engineering Verification Testing.

The part has reportedly been provided by by a source who has supplied genuine Apple parts to iPatchiPods in the past. If it is indeed an iPhone 5 battery, it would indicate that the device is either ready to hit production, or that it’s already in production — depending on how old the battery actually is, which has not been confirmed.

With regards to technical specifications, the battery seems to be identical to that featured in the iPhone 4, with the same power delivery. In fact, it’s possible this could actually just be a battery from an old iPhone 4 prototype.