Apple Seeds iCloud-Enabled Safari 5.1.1 to Developers [Rumor][Updated]



Apple has apparently released an update to its Safari web browser to registered developers which features support for the company’s upcoming iCloud service. Safari 5.1.1 introduces syncing for iCloud bookmarks and the new Reading List feature.

I say “apparently” because it hasn’t quite hit the Safari Dev Center yet, however, according to AppAdvice, who have “received word,” its release should be imminent.

This update follows the launch of the iCloud migration tool for developers last week, which allows MobileMe subscribers to transfer their data over to Apple’s new service:

Indeed, while many complaints have been raised about Apple killing off some of its MobileMe sync services with iCloud, this is not really Apple’s intent. Rather, each app will now have to plug itself to the iCloud on its own to sync password and preferences, rather than leaving it to the system. There will be a transition time, but that’s the concept and it’s hopefully for the best.

As soon as Safari 5.1.1 is available to download, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: It appears the Safari 5.1.1 update can be downloaded now through the iCloud section of Apple’s Dev Center, rather than the Safari section.

  • samradford

    er, I’ve been syncing bookmarks via iCloud and Safari for ages! No need for any update, you can already do it!

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