Use Your iDevice to Spy on Your Neighbors or as a Nanny Cam [Daily Freebie]



AirBeam is a clever little app that lets you output realtime video from one iDevice (camera-equipped, obviously)  to another iDevice on the same local network. The app usually sells for  $4, but it’s free today through Saturday.

Resolution isn’t bad: 640×480 at up tp 30 fps. Certainly good enough to catch your cat stealing last night’s meatloaf from the top of the counter. It also works without much fuss; I’ve played around with it a bit, and my iPhone automatically picked my iPad to stream video to (both devices must have the app installed — not a problem, since AirBeam is a Universal App). You can also monitor multiple cameras at the same time. There’s veen a recording fucntion, so you can save what you see as evidence.

But AirBeam will get even cooler with an expected update on Sunday — stay tuned. Definitely worth a download.


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26 responses to “Use Your iDevice to Spy on Your Neighbors or as a Nanny Cam [Daily Freebie]”

  1. Tony Leonello says:

    it would be nice for a direct link to the app.

  2. dcj001 says:

    I don’t know if the link has always been there, but the first word of the review – AirBeam – is a direct link to the app.

  3. John Cameron says:

    Since you’re required to have both iOS devices on the same wireless LAN, why not just initiate a FaceTime call?

  4. bondr006 says:

    1 can you FaceTime yourself? 2 I can’t put FaceTime on my iPad, but I can use this app on it and it works great between my iTouch and iPad.

  5. winski says:

    Cool! Thanks for the tip !

  6. Bobbi Style says:

    Not free in Canada…..

  7. idontlikescam says:

    Please, stop publishing this deceptive free-for-one-minute-on-just-the-zimbawe-store bluffs. It hurts Cult of Mac’s image…

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