Google: Apple’s Just Jealous Of Android Because They Don’t Have Any Innovation [LOL]



Since most companies’ mobile technology patent portfolios are woefully untested, now is a time of the survival of the fittest in the smartphone biosphere. Smartphone companies are suing each other to test the sharpness of their fangs and claws.

So imagine panther-like Apple with agate eyes stalking through the foliage, hunting the biomechanical wildebeest of Android OS. Now imagine, right before the panther sinks its fangs into the wildebeest’s flanks, the wildebeest suddenly rearing about and bleating: “You’re just jealous!”

Well, in real life, the wildebeest has bleated just that, and it came off as stupid as it sounds. According to Google chairman Eric Schmitd, Apple is suing HTC and other Android makers out of jealousy. Oh, right! And a lack of innovation.

Addressing Apple’s recent patent victory over HTC in front of the ITC, which could possibly cripple every Android phone out there, Schmidt told listeners at the Google Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo:

The big news in the past year has been the explosion of Google Android handsets and this means our competitors are responding. Because they are not responding with innovation, they’re responding with lawsuits. We have not done anything wrong and these lawsuits are just inspired by our success.

I’m not sure I need to highlight how stupid and hypocritical this is. The idea that Apple, of all companies, is not innovating in the mobile marketplace is completely absurd: jeez, a year and a half after the first iPad, Android has yet to power a credible competitor.

According to Schmidt, Google will support HTC’s ongoing legal battle with Apple. That’s no surprise: they pretty much have to.

Anyway, remember this little gem of a quote. One of these days, Google’s going to start suing competitors over patent violations, and when that happens, this’ll be a nice little quote to break out.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • CSMcDonald

    One question.

    Why is it patent trolling when Lodsys does it but valid when Apple does it?

  • Cindon83

    I must admit…I have just recently switched over to all mac…desktop, notebook, ipad, and iphone…but Apple is the most innovative company I know…they are always on top of things, and they may be slow to the game at times, but when they do something they do it right, and do it well. 

  • Nick Barone

    Apple is afraid of Android, it’s pretty clear. Android caught up and surpassed the iPhone. Now Apple knows if they don’t slow it down, the iPhone will be a landmark of the past sooner than later.

    While I understand why Apple would sue them because of this (considering they own the patents), it’s a shame that they would stoop to that level because they’re being overtaken in the mobile market.

    I’d also like to include that Apple isn’t innovating right now. Everything in iOS 5 is playing catch-up to Android. Android is ahead of iOS on all fronts, and Apple doesn’t know what to do about it except try and slow it down, rather than innovate.

  • Nings

    Partly because Apple has products behind those patents, Lodsys is a “patent troll” because their entire business is owning a bunch of patents. But yeah, both companies seems to like lawsuits

  • Soho22

    Apple invents something and gets a patent on it, and then tries to keep people from ripping off their idea and make money from it.

    Lodsys searches for patents where a lot of people could be “infringing” on, and buys them to sue people over.

    Here is a quote from

    “Lodsys is what we affectionately refer to as a “patent troll” – a company that buys up promising and often vague or [overly] broad patents in a hope of using them to threaten to sue the pants off people that they know might be infringing on them. Let me say that again – they find a patent, find out how many people might be infringing it, and then decide to buy it.”

  • Howie Isaacks

    Android is CRAP compared to iOS.  If it wasn’t for the iPhone, “smartphones” would still be a pain in the ass to use.  Google should be on their knees kissing Apple’s ass in gratitude for raising the bar, and providing the consumer interest that has fueled the explosion of smarphones in the market.

  • Soho22

    Haha good one. Its not like Apple came up with the one gadget that changed the whole industry to make things just like it. They clearly lack innovation. Is this supposed to be comedy?

  • Jeff M.

    One answer.

    The difference is that Apple actually researched, engineered, released, and marketed the subjects of the patents in question, whereas Lodsys simply scribbled a vague idea down on a document and submitted it to the patent office.

  • Honey Badger

    Because Lodsys is strictly a patent holding company. They do not innovate and create new useful technologies. They do not use the patents they hold for any other reason than to acquire licensing fees. 

    That’s all. No R & D. No innovation. No real products. Their sole purpose for existing is to find ways to collect fees. Apple, Microsoft, Google and others innovate, and use those patented innovations in their products.

  • Soho22

    Mostly they just buy them up, not even making them themself.

  • ralphtweety

    Yup, that’s what Apple’s known for – lack of innovation…  Where do they come up with this stuff?

  • supertino

    Because Lodsys does not build anything or do anything with their “inventions”.

  • Honey Badger

    Not at all. 

    With the iPhone, Apple totally changed the definition of what a smartphone is and does. Apple invested a ton of R & D into the first iPhone. Since then they have steadily refined and improved it. Not earth-shattering improvements mind you, but steady stream of tweaks and refinements. What Google did was basically rip off Apple’s ground work and jump in at the refining and improving stage. No ground level innovation, just refining and tweaking Apple’s work.

    The hilarious thing is that Google has used other company’s intellectual property as well in Android. They are in for a rough road and not just from Apple. 

    If you want to use someone else’s IP, then you license it. That goes for Apple as well.

  • nolavabo

    One question.

    Are you trolling or did you really not know the difference?

  • CSMcDonald

    From this description –… – it would appear that every OS on every computer would violate this amazing innovative patent that was filed in 1996.

    Good thing for Apple that Xerox hadn’t patented any of the innovations that went into the Lisa and Macintosh.

  • Jeff M.

    You’re referring to Lodsys, right?

  • Samuel Iglesias

    Apple pushes society forward and Lodsys doesn’t.

  • cyberb0b

    What exactly would Apple “fear” from Android? The iPhone is a device and Android is just an OS that is freely distributed to handset manufacturers. There is no foreseeable slowdown in Apples financial growth and Apple cares more about their profit margin than how many devices their OS is running on. Most every software developer programs for iOS first and then Android later, if at all. They are now the most profitable technology provider on the planet. So again… 

    What exactly do you think Apple fears from Android? 

  • CharliK

    To say that Apple is afraid of anyone you would need to know that they are actually trying to beat said company. And we don’t know that. Apple has never played the whole “do what everyone else is doing” or the “must be the top and marketshare so give the customers whatever they are yelling for right away” games. It is plausible that in fact they are like the honey badger — they don’t give a shit. 

    Apple is suing (whomever they are suing) because they have a patent, a trademark, a copyright that they feel said other company has violated. Period. Same reason all those other companies are suing Apple. These are not 16 year old girls getting into hair pulling cat fights cause one got a better car from her rich daddy for her birthday or the other one looked at the wrong boy. 

  • Tash Wahid

    Because Apple already licensed Lodsys patents. Now Lodsys decided that hey we can make some more money if we argue that every app developer has to license it too. Why should there be a dual license to use the same tech? I am sure Apple would be happy if HTC licenses the violated patents or Google does it for android as a whole.  This way Apple doesn’t have to go around suing everyone and can just sue the source. Making 20 bucks from every android wont be that tough for apple to swallow.

    The reason for Google’s fast innovation is they didnt bother to license too many things. When you dont have to sit and negotiate you can save a lot of time. I feel that they just decided to go with it and license as they get sued. And now its time to pay. Android is not going to die and I hope it doesnt. If Android wasnt here we would probably have in ios 5 what we had in ios 3. But Google is subject to license everything that all its completitors are subject to license. Releasing a free product doesnt excuse the requirement for licenses.

    Reiterating the Lodsys thing. You cant license to a os maker saying you are ok to distribute this and anyone can use it. Then come back and say no we changed our mind and you can use it but others that use your sdk cant.

  • ihateintsik

    Google Just Jealous Of Apple. That if the fact. Google only ripoff the iOS.  Eric Schmitd & Google sucks

  • Tash Wahid

    That’s not really the issue. Lodsys purchased the patents to its no different then creating it yourself. See above for the reason that I gave.

  • Tash Wahid

    Yes that is what I heard also. That Lodsys had a very vague patent. But apple also licensed that that patent. See above for my reasoning why Lodsys shouldn’t be allowed to sue any iOS developers.

  • CharliK

    I have to disagree. In many ways they are NOT the most innovative company or at least don’t appear to be. They often ignore major features that many vocals are very vocal about. Such as Blu-ray drives. Or releasing the new Final Cut Pro with no means to import older projects and so on. Or with their cult of secrecy it’s hard not to buy into the claims that they didn’t think up having a 3rd party app store until after folks were jailbreaking for Cydia or that they HAD to buy their new notification system off some developer etc. 

    I do think they are innovative in their philosophies about listening to the masses but not simply giving in, about designing for the larger quarters but with the means to add on, about taking responsibility for providing some education to their users via their store programs and so on. But they don’t always seem so innovative with their tech. 

  • CharliK

    Apple is not a patent troll. They use or license the patents they own. 

    Companies like Lodsys just sit on them doing nothing until they can sue. 

    And then in the case of Lodsys, they are perhaps suing without actual cause (because Apple claims their license extends to the developers).  And are fighting to keep Apple out of the cases so that the deal with Apple can’t be used against them. 

  • Slash_Cynic

    They copy each other just as Apple copied Xerox and Microsoft, and vice versa.

  • huyett

    Apple pretty much invented the modern smartphone, and continues to dominate the tablet market that Microsoft has been fumbling over for years.  That said, innovation goes both ways.  Other platforms have taken liberally from Apple’s success, while Apple’s iOS 5 has borrowed liberally from the successes of other platforms.

    Apple has a closed environment: easy to use, restricted access to apps.
    Android has an open environment: buggy apps, customization, malware, unrestricted development of apps.

    At least Apple’s problems can be fixed by jailbreaking.

  • Soho22

    They ignore stuff to push others forward. They ignore bluray to get rid of physical media. They ignore physical keyboards (that everyone screamed for with the first iphone) to get rid of them and establish onscreen keyboards. They ignore USB 3 to establish light peak (thunderbolt). They are VERY innovative. The things you listed aren’t valid for that argument. Whats innovative about following everyone on the bluray trend? Nothing. Pushing something else than everyone else is innovative. 

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    What a prick!  There’s only one thing worse than a crook and that’s a back-stabbing, unapologetic crook.  This guy seriously believes that a company with a $345 billion market cap and close to $70 billion in reserve cash is scared of Android which Microsoft probably makes more money from than Google.  Android is nothing special and the main reason it’s popular is because it’s free for smartphone manufacturers to use.  I’d like to see Apple cut Android off at the knees for unabashed theft of IP.

  • Soho22

    Yeah. The way you said it it sounds like Lodsys makes up the patents them self, but I think they mostly buy the stuff, not even putting in any effort on their part.

  • Robert X

    I don’t think they are afraid at all. I think Android makes them more careful is all. Android is ahead of iOS on all fronts? Really? Wow. <— sarcasm

  • alvarotvv

    Fascinating to see how Schmidt is slowly (but surely) turning into the next Ballmer.

  • Robert X

    It would be a different world if Xerox had. That is for sure.

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    But it’s not actually free, either. It requires licensing. There might be low or no cost for that license, but a license is anything but free usage.

  • Honey Badger

    Wait what? Apple copied Microsoft?

  • supertino

    “If Android wasnt here we would probably have in ios 5 what we had in ios 3.” 

    This is a typical observation of people who do not truly understand Apple. They don’t hold back on innovation because there is no competitive pressure. They just take their time to get it right before shipping it.If your hypothesis was correct, Apple wouldn’t have been releasing newer, smaller, better, thinner, lighter versions of iPods & Touches every september, where there is and was no competitor like Android and they have absolutely dominated the market.So stop making it seem like iOS would be two generations behind and they can’t innovate or are fat and lazy. A small feature here and there, sure. But they would forge ahead because they compete with themselves.

  • Chet Sandberg

    Honestly, the only company that’s responded with INNOVATION to the revolution that Apple has inspired is, oddly, Microsoft.  Say what you like about WP7, but from a UI perspective, it’s refreshingly different from iOS.

  • Cindon83

    You are crazy…while they may not be perfect…they have transformed computing…everything from the GUI interface, use of the mouse…lets not forget how they changed cell phones as we know them, who needs BluRay when you can stream movies via the internet…they started the tablet craze…people have just now started coming out with computers that can compete, though not well, with the macbook air.  Yes no flash…flash is becoming old technology, and is attributed to many computers and cell phones tablets freezing, and crashing…besides, what is it like 80% of all flash content on the internet is ads.

    They were the first computer company to kill off floppy disk drives, lets not forget the digital music craze that was made more popular by the iPod…so besides all they are not an innovative company.  I am glad that Apple does not do something, unless they can do it well.  And yes Final Cut Pro was a bust and so was the Newton, but that was a little too advanced for the time. 

  • techgeek01

    Its true.  And the truth hurts.  Look at iOS 5. So many of the features Android had. (as well as WP7, webOS and Blackberry)  iPhone 5 is just going to match what current android phones have.

    For crying out loud, once the iPhone 5 will be out, Android will be (literally) a year ahead software wise and hardware wise. (Ice Cream sandwich and next generation android devices are coming out in Q4)

    There was a time that Apple was innovating and Android was copying.  But that time has passed and it has switched. 

    That’s why I’m going to pick up a Google Nexus 3, when I’m able to upgrade my phone. (which will be in a few months)No doubt, the iPhone 5 will be a great phone.  But within a month or two, it will be replaced by the Nexus 3, which will sport next generation hardware and software.  Unless apple (magically) makes the ‘iPhone 6’ available this fall, the iPhone will be my last choice. The iPhone 5 will be a great phone, but I won’t get one, when I can wait a month or two and pick up a (much) better phone.

    Plus, I have an Apple fanboy, who will be giving up his iPhone 4 for a Nexus 3.  Oh, he loves Apple products and has many of them.  He, like me, knows that the iPhone 5 will be a great phone, but he said that the tides have turned and unless the iPhone 5 is extremely magical, he will be picking up a Nexus 3.

    It really comes down to one thing.  The tides have turned.  The iPhone is as good as majority of android devices, but there is (and will be) a handful of android devices that will (simply) be better than the iPhone. Unless Apple really steps up and makes the hardware and software kick-ass (at the bare minimum matches the Nexus 3) we won’t even look at the iPhone 5.

    And one more thing.  I know plenty of people (iPhone users and non iPhone users) who are bluntly not interested in the iPhone 5 or iOS 5.  They all think that the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 will be great, but the time both are out, their will be better choices, Android wise.  And a huge percentage are waiting for, (you guessed it) the Nexus 3.  Why get an iPhone 5, when within a month or two, you can get the Nexus 3 which will blow the socks of iPhone 5.

  • CharliK

    You just made my point. As I said they don’t SEEM to be. 

    And yet, as you say, there’s tons of things they did that were deemed stupid and insane and look what it has started. Many of those things are not seen as innovative but rather Apple just being petulant. But many of those things were also not completely Apple creations. For example, Apple had the idea to use a GUI with a personal computer but they copied the notion of a GUI from Xerox

  • supertino

    In a feature war, Apple loses eventually. But it wins in the end because the features it does have are not half baked and created not just to have a bullet point in the spec sheet. 

    Since you clearly don’t realize it, I am glad you are moving on to Android and hopefully from these blogs too. Don’t come running back from Nexus 3 when the battery doesn’t last more than 2 hours or Nexus 4 is released a few months after you purchase Nexus 3.

  • techgeek01

    Its absolutely astounding how many iPhone users I know who are switching to android.  (And about 1/3rd of them have been long time mac users.)  Why are they switching?  It really comes down to one major thing and one minor thing.  The major thing is that the iPhone is half-baked.  Not my words, but theirs. The iPhone is half-baked.  Once they looked at Android more closely and/or played around with a handset, it blew them away! They basically all said, “whats half baked about it?  yes, it has a thing or two missing and (currently) doesn’t have the amount of applications as iOS does, but the iPhone has /a lot/ more stuff missing than Android. The iPhone is the half-baked one, not Android.”  The minor thing is, Apple is falling.  What they all are seeing is Google has passed iOS and has not slowed down one bit.  What frustrates them (especially the long time mac users) is how apple reacting.  What they are seeing is suing instead of innovation.  Apple realized that they got passed and instead of trying to catch up, they are (trying) to drag Google down.  And those two things (especially the first thing) is why, all of those iPhone users are switching to Android.  Android is the better OS and apple’s solution to that is to try to drag Google down, instead of trying to catch up and passing them.

    It is (bluntly) amazing how the iPhone fanbois and girls (I know) who REFUSE to look at anything else.  Apple could make a brick and labeled it iPhone and they will be buying it.  They even refuse to look up android and refuse to play with one.  They basically give one look at it and say “It’s crap”.  All the iPhone users who are not fanbois and girls, have (bluntly) looked and played around with android and are switching.

    Oh, I can tell you that I won’t be running back, and to tell you (bluntly) we (me and all those iPhone users who are switching) would have wished we jumped ship earlier.  Plus you don’t have an idea about the Nexus phones, do you?  They are the most polished android phone out there and are light years ahead of any phone out there.  Battery life? Well I guess you failed to get the memo.  Next generation components should used about the same amount of energy as current generation components and matter of fact, some should be /more/ energy efficient than this current generation.  Again, you have any idea about Android phones?  All the major android phones (high end) come out on a yearly cycle.  Every nexus phone that has came out has been on a yearly cycle.

    And before you call me an Android/Google fanboi, I’m not.  The reason why I will pick up a Nexus 3 is because it will be the best smartphone that is put out this year.  And Android is the best mobileOS so far.  My next smartphone after that? (when my contract is up)  Well, it can be about anything. It could be another Android phone, it could be a windows powered phone, it could be a webOS phone, it could be a blackberry.  For crying out loud, it could be a iPhone!  But I’ll just have to wait and see whats the best phone is then.  What I do is buy the best possible device out there. At the end, it will only hurt you if you refuse to look to see what else is out there and research it! I have a mac. (came from windows) my next computer? can be anywhere from a windows powered machine to a mac, to even a linux powered machine!  When my mac gives up the ghost (i hope not anytime soon) I’m going to look around and research. And see what is the best OS, computer, etc… then!  Again, it only hurt’s yourself, if you don’t research and look to find the best device out there.
    To summarize it, (I doubt anybody will read this full)  look at all devices and research and find whats best.  Look out of your comfort zone!  That what happened to me, I thought some things were just crap until I researched and look at it.  And what happened? it flip-flopped! instead of thinking it was crap, I thought that it was pretty amazing!  The worst you can do is (blindly) by a product because everything else is crap.  Research! look! dig! and find the best product. And especially the best product for you. The thing is, you could really amaze yourself!