Use iScope To Manage Your Project Like A Human [iOS Tips]



With the tagline, Gantt 4 Humans, iScope promises to give you the benefits of a centralized project management suite like OmniPlan ($50) for a lot less money ($5) and a lot less hassle. While I’m not reviewing the app here, I do like what I see so far.

iScope uses what it calls horizontal rails, which are basically Gantt chart-style tasks and schedules.

Manage Projects Successfully With OmniPlan for iPad [iOS Tips]



Project management is kind of a big deal, with college level courses, workshops, and seminars taught every day. Big companies hire people with these credentials to help them plan and manage their projects.

With software like OmniPlan, both the trained and untrained can manage personal and work projects with relative ease. It does help, however, to know what you’re doing before trying to organize a mission critical project, even if it is one for home, like building a dog house. All projects are made up of similar things, like timelines, human resources, financial considerations, and the like.

Let’s take a look at how to use OmniPlan to create a new Project – the first step to managing it.

Create Gantt Timeline Charts Easily With OmniPlan For iPad [iOS Tips]



OmniPlan for iPad is touted as one of the more comprehensive project management apps available. With such a complex and robust app, it can be helpful to spend a little time with it and learn some of the best ways to use such a system.

First up, let’s look at creating a timeline for your project. In project management circles, such a chart is called a Gantt Chart. It basically places your tasks, goals, and project milestones on a timeline chart, to help project team members know what to do first, second, third, etc. This visual system helps managers know when things are getting behind.

Manage Projects For Free With Wunderlist For iPad [iOS Tips]



Keeping your projects organized is hard; whether they’re for home, school, or work, projects tend to take on a life of their own. A good task manager can be essential to keeping the project moving, on time, and with a minimum of stress. wunderlist is available for the iPad, is free, and has some great features to boot, making it an obvious choice for many of us who need to manage our projects better.

OmniPlan For iPad Makes Project Management Simple


OmniPlan, last of the core Omni Group business tools, finally available for iPad
OmniPlan, last of the core Omni Group business tools, finally available for iPad

The Omni Group offers a powerful range of Mac business tools that meet several key professional needs including mind mapping and brainstorming, data graphing, diagramming, task management, and project management. Over the past two years, the company has been porting its award-winning software the iPad and delivering great mobile business functionality in the process.

Today the company release the iPad version of its OmniPlan project management software.