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OmniPlan For iPad Makes Project Management Simple


OmniPlan, last of the core Omni Group business tools, finally available for iPad
OmniPlan, last of the core Omni Group business tools, finally available for iPad

The Omni Group offers a powerful range of Mac business tools that meet several key professional needs including mind mapping and brainstorming, data graphing, diagramming, task management, and project management. Over the past two years, the company has been porting its award-winning software the iPad and delivering great mobile business functionality in the process.

Today the company release the iPad version of its OmniPlan project management software.

OmniPlan is the last of the Omni Groups core business tools to be made available for iPad users. As with the company’s four other core apps, OmniPlan for iPad was designed from the ground up as an iOS app rather than a quick port of the desktop version. The makes it intuitive and easy for users that are new to the company and its products as well as existing customers.

OmniPlan for iPad's visual timeline feature

OmniPlan for iPad offers a great visual timeline layout for creating or editing projects that can make it easy to track progress. It integrates with the desktop solution as well as the free Omni’s free sync service and it supports Office-style track changes functionality. That combination makes it useful tool for project managers as well as staff, consultants, or clients involved in a given project.

OmniPlan for iPad includes collaboration and track changes features

While OmniPlan for iPad integrates with its desktop counterpart, the app can function as a stand alone solution. It supports all the needed timeline, scheduling, resource planning, and task management options. It also offers an automatic leveling feature that can automate task scheduling and optimize schedules for efficiency and to reduce downtime. Additionally, it offers violation checking and alerts when your timeline, tasks, and other events conflict in such a way that one or more of them can’t be accomplished as entered.

OmniPlan's violations feature lets you know when something can't be done and why

If you’re a project manager by profession, a department manager, or even a proactive knowledge worker or consultant, OmniPlan is well worth exploring. The app does command a hefty price tag ($49.99) compared to many iOS apps. The business functionality that it offers can easily make that investment worthwhile for many organizations.

The core Mac and iOS apps from the Omni Group include OmniFocus (task management), OmniOutlinter (mind mapping/brainstorming), OmniGraffle (diagraming), OmniGraphSketcher (graphing), and OmniPlan.

Source: The Omni Group