Use iScope To Manage Your Project Like A Human [iOS Tips]



With the tagline, Gantt 4 Humans, iScope promises to give you the benefits of a centralized project management suite like OmniPlan ($50) for a lot less money ($5) and a lot less hassle. While I’m not reviewing the app here, I do like what I see so far.

iScope uses what it calls horizontal rails, which are basically Gantt chart-style tasks and schedules.

Download the free version of iScope from the iTunes App Store and launch it. You’ll be shown a quick tour of iScope via a yellow sticky note (incongruously pinned at the top). It’s a very friendly way to start the process. Swiping through the tour shows typical project management activities – creating a project, adding tasks, building a team with human resources, and then add notes and images for details and documentation.

iScope uses Dropbox to store its files, so they’re easily shared with others. It integrates with iOS notifications as well as nice touches like auto-completion of tasks, logo customization, and the ability to import and add images. There’s even a simple project browser to see all the planned projects within your purview.

The free version is upgradable to full with a $4.99 in-app purchase, so you can try before you buy. Their website has a form for any support needed.

Even just a quick glance at the free version of iScope was enough to make me want to share it as a tip. The interface is fairly clean, easily parsed by the eye. If a deep, professional project management program like OmniPlan is overkill for your situation, but a task management app like Wunderlist is not quite enough, you might want to check out iScope, which seems to fit firmly between the two extremes.

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