‘Honk’ Will Save You From Another Pricey Parking Ticket [Must-Have App]


Honk for iPhone

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If you’ve ever returned to your car to find that you’ve earned yourself a whopping great fine for running over on the meter, or parking too long in the same spot, Honk is here to help! Simply swipe the virtual parking meter to record how much time you’ve got to park and Honk will ensure you’re reminded when it’s nearly time to move your car. The app icon on your home screen will even display how much time you’ve got left minute-by-minute, so it’s easy to see at a quick glance. You can even use to Honk to remind yourself of where you parked by making handwritten notes, taking photos, and using your GPS location.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of Honk until it was featured as Apple’s ‘App of the Week’ in the UK App Store this week, however, I wish I had. It’s designed to be quick and easy to use and it really works – just open up the app whenever you park and set yourself a time limit in seconds. Honk is a stroke of simple genius, and it’s not often you come across a one dollar app that could potentially save you a small fortune.

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  • Jackson Myers

    I just use the built in clock app to alert me when my time runs out and I drop a pin in maps to remind me of where i parked.

  • Sax

    I used to do that myself, before I develop the app myself ;-) I’d also open a notepad app to type whatever was necessary to mark the level, color, etc. Occasionally, I even used the camera app and take a picture, which, without proper time-stamps, would become confusing and annoying quickly.

    All it takes to get a parking ticket is a small mental barrier that makes you say “why bother?” at the meter….

  • Howie Isaacks

    Interesting, but I just use my iPhone’s timer to alert me when I’ve run out of time.

  • Golfer222

    Why don’t you use BackToMyCar. It’s totally free and has a ton of other features. Here is the link to the iTunes store:

  • Stephen Klein

    well the parking meters in NYC now show you the time that your meter will expire…so I just use the alarm clock (which conveniently has save-able event names)

  • Ruchinee

    This sounds pretty awesome. In NYC it is a pain in the arse to park. Just last week, while eating dinner with my parents, I had to step out every hour to pay the meter and sometimes almost missed my alarm. This can be very useful. I always forget where I park my car when I don’t know the area. =/

  • Tips

    Nice article, I think it is useful to me, thanks a lot!